Bitcoin, and other tulips


Wow… what a terribly inaccurate article. But that doesn’t surprise me because most articles about crypto are incorrext. But hey, whatever sells


The book sells for $6. At least I’ll be getting something out of it, ie paper.


Can’t snort coke with bitcoin


I’m blockchained to the mirror man!


Can’t play the pinnies or Space Invaders with it either.


I needed something on my wishlist.
Pinnies, you say…


Still waiting for more info on this?


You stare the said tittehcoin and concentrate for a good 2 mins, then the lose change is dispensed.


I love that the real reason is Tittiecoin is going to fund the creation of TittieIsland. Has to be the biggest pisstake of all time.


as stated above, i believe it’s a pisstake, but it was too good an oppotunity not to post about a coin that is literally named tittie haha.
yes yes small things …


he she it whatever says everyone can’t all sell out at 19 grand per bitcoin, and that you need new people to the scheme.

is that not the same for normal investing, and also the banking system in general ?
wasn’t it something like if 20% of people cashed out their savings in banks, they’d go bust, cos they simply don’t hold 100% of what they put out ?

and the investing part again is the exact same reason why the normal stock market would crash in the same circumstances, if everyone tried to take their money out at the top price.

I know you’re prolly posting it to get a rise in here, but still it’s the exact same premise the “real” world markets and banking system would crash.


Perhaps we can pool our coins together and blitz can buy this island?


would have been a good time to buy in when you posted this :stuck_out_tongue:


Expecting markets to fall again this week before hopefully bottomin out :pray:


eth looks to be on a down again, if it gets to below 1000, might stock up again.


My best guess is it likely will fall below 1000. Jan 25th will be interesting for the mkt due to btc futures


You keep saying that it’s the same but it’s not really. I mean there are rules and regulations with potential government intervention on one side and nothing on the other. They are the same only to the extent of how they trade, not the environment they trade in.

Feel free to have a look at to see how much regulation there is in the Australian finance industry.

Yes they have similarities to the stock market but to say they are the same is a bit extreme.

I have no opinion on what to invest in but do push the diversify or don’t put all your eggs in one basket idea.


As a side note I’m happily mining ethereum.

Nothing to lose as I’ve made no investment.


I brought some in the dip :blush:


Wasn’t a ■■■■ stir. Banks have some underlying assests.