Bitcoin, and other tulips


Actually have revised my plan , may hold off biying some more either for a week ish now.


I’m only responding to offers from now on in Bitcoin.


Do we get a cut?


I got asked to put an ad on the Blitz home page the other day, said it would cost 1 bitcoin. They said they had $100 US but would pay me in whatever decimal number of bitcoins that is.



How many bitcoin to sign up to blitz premium?



If thats a real company, can probably figure out her email. Mind if i sell for methereum?


My aunt always used to complain they had a 17% mortgage - on their $30k house in Doncaster East. (Interest $425 a month, odd). Which was tough(ish) on their one lowish level public service salary.
Their land (alone - they’ve done nothing to the house) is worth about $700k today - it’s grown at about 12%.
Wages have grown up 3-4%
It’s not (much) to do with sacrifice or personal choices.


Well, gosh.


You can say that again. Although the news on Tether coming out was a big part of the slide you can’t help but think this dip will be making some very rich. Watch the market rebound and the big players collect over the next bit.


If you really believed in Tron, you be buying it hand over fist right now, wouldn’t you?

Anyway, I’m happy watching.


Why do people keep saying the market will surely rebound? Some of the bigger players will…maybe.

Those who do not study history are condemned to repeat it…and there are minnow companies clambering onto the bandwagon who’ll surely go under.

But anyway…it’s your money.


I’m not saying the market will rebound and Bitcoin is about to hit $20K. But the market is manipulated by the rich and they will make money irrespective of which way prices are headed.


They can also move onto the next thing once this is milked dry. Once that capital leaves, it’s a deflating balloon.


Blitz has a home page?


Is it the end?

Below $9000 now.


But…I don’t mean to be a smartass, but…
‘I expect to make 30% real quick.
Oh, noez, it’s dropped 30%!’


Rumour that Amazon may announce on Monday that they will accept crypto payments.


I pulled out today. Couldn’t sit by and watch while this free-fall continues.


only on eth, but i waited an extra week to buy some, cos i could see it dropping some more, before it rises up. well hopefully haha, but i’ll be buying it at some point tonight.