Bitcoin, and other tulips


Golly gosh, Ripple.


When prices are declining:

  • The momentum investor thinks about selling.
  • The value investor thinks about buying.

Whichever one you are, at least try to be systematic about it.


When there’s something actually tangible about the investment, … yes.

As a wise old man said to me in my teens, … “Buy Land Son, … they’re not making anymore of it”

(It pays to be happy to wear L plates and listen to your wiser experienced elders.)


Did anything happen?


Cash out and buy AFLx before it’s too late!


Well not that anyone can predict prices to a tea , but damn im betting no one saw it dropping as much as it did.
But this morning almostback to yeaterdays high.

If you brought at its lowest last night , you could havr made almost 500 dollers per coin. Insane.


All your super in land? All your assets in gold and livestock?

Markets - almost every market - is more or less based on monopoly money.


Kind of…


Well under 7K USD now.

Anyone going to jump back in?


Not bitcoin but VEN and ripple.


So Bitcoin has gone from over $19,000 to now just over $7,000 in 3 months. Wouldn’t touch it with any sort of stick. Etherum has dropped over $600 in a month. Good luck buying in that sh*t.


Ripple? Really?


Could be worse. I’ve traded inverse volatility products (XIV, SVXY) in the past, fortunately not last night…because they may have just declined by 100%. Death. Now that is a bad day!


Bitcoin is $6.5k and still dropping


Sharemarket is crashing too though. Two of my shares are less than what I paid for now.


I may be the only one interested in volatility products, but I found this hilarious:



Meant to copy the whole tweet. That is 12 months in the life os the stock market. It has been a rough little period but all in all, not much to complain about.


Wasnt this forecast last week because of the current gov bond market?


Did you buy them last week?

Share market has performed well above its average for the last year. A small down turn or correction should be expected. It’s nothing.