Bitcoin, and other tulips


Um wasn’t it like 4 bucks a few months ago?


Lead the horse to water…something…something




Great work holding AnnStbomber. The last 9 mths would’ve been a challenge. We’re in for a hell of a ride now with xrp


My word, I really started believing the nay sayers and nearly got out and cut losses.
But more and more research and sifting through the FUD and truths, it really makes sense.

And it has done it without tethering to Bitcoin, Swell conference on 1.10.18 will be interesting.

Don’t invest what you can’t afford to lose, life is gamble, when you buy a house its a gamble against current property prices, crossing the street is a gamble.

If it wasn’t for this thread I would never have bought when I did, so thanks to the original guys and girls who were backing it last year, I owe you a beer !


There’s a lot of fud out there. Whilst challenging to work out what’s bullshit and not, it’s always good to hear other viewpoints.

The xrp community has been great, without them it would’ve been much tougher to keep holding. I can’t do twitter anymore as I find it too toxic but XRPChat is great to be involved in, particularly the private clubs. R you on there?


Is there no respect for respectable financial institutions anymore?


This is really good. Live ledger use of XRP and I must say it is quite visually stunning!

Need to make it my screensaver!

Not to late to get on XRP, think of all those Essendon games you can attend!!


I have 2k of btc @ 15000.
Will it ever go past this??


Just to quote myself, if you had bought when I posted this you would of nearly doubled your money.

XRP bucking the trend of most other coins and real implementation taking place, signs showing to massive news at R3, swift partnerships looks imminent…


Wish I sold when it got to over 4 dollars but held.


Hope you still held :wink:




At what price do you think you will sell out of XRP?


Has anyone ever been able to sell these and receive Australian dollars in return?





Yes, I withdrew a large amt of $ earlier this year


Early withdrawals of a Ponzi scheme though, surely!


This Ponzi scheme paid off 15 years of my mortgage :+1: