Bitcoin, and other tulips


There’s a bitcoin ATM at my shopping centre.
No idea how that works.


That’s great to hear.

Can I ask how much the taxman took from you? How did you report the profit?


Capital gains tax was paid. Ended up about 20% of the gain


I am thinking some at around $10 (maybe less maybe more) all depends on trends.

The rest I am going to hold long term (hopefully)

Having said that anything can happen and that is the exciting thing. I mean if XRP rose so much I didn’t have to work ever again I would be mad not to sell all.

But defiantly will be selling 20%-%30 around $10. That would give me a comfortable figure to enjoy in life.


Yes, no problem at all!


Sorry, are you suggesting XRP will get as high as $10?


You can buy Bitcoin instantly. For a massive fee, and at about 20% more expensive than you’d pay on an exchange.

It’s a horrible rort. And the guy who runs them, funded the whole thing off the back of a dodgy altcoin he invented and got people to invest in. That coin is worth a few cents each now, if it’s still going.

He basically found a way to get investors for his ATM business, and owe them absolutely nothing.


Quite possible, in-fact for liquidity to occur successfully it could go higher, its all buy the rumour atm and the rumour is strong, in-fact most of the rumours have become true.

With the amount of big financial institutions testing Xrapid it could be quite possible.


See I dunno, when it hit $4.70 (or whatever the peak was) Chris Larson became the 5th richest person in the world.

At $10, he’s probably the richest person in the world (bar Putin), and XRP would be one of the most valuable commodities going around.

Neither of those two things are even close to an accurate valuation.

Realistically, I reckon it’s true value will be found somewhere between $1.00-$2.00.


First a Reading Cinema and now a Bitcoin ATM.

Mooroolbark is really going places


It’s technically all Chirnside Park.
Just over the road, though.


Chirnside Park eh? Okami japanese, all you can eat. discuss.


Have to be with someone else.
I’ve never been and am not a fan of Japanese fan at all.


I’ve been to Okami.

The food is all fresh and but no remarkable stand out dishes. Needs more interesting sauces.


yeah i wasn’t expecting much, but it was surprisingly OK for an all you can eat arrangement. would go again for sure.

it’s certainly no smorgy’s though :laughing:


Its happening!


Slight problem with one of the crypto currencies


there’s another Okami?


there’s 15 of them.

holy moly. i didn’t realise they were that far spread.


Is this still a thing?