Bizarre Events Thread


Speak for yourself fecal boy… what kind of filthy place you live?


This kids name…


yeah sure, but try catching a plane when you’re called Bomb.


Especially on Doe Airways.


based in Doha??


I would have thought that when you decided to name your child Abcde, you gave up the right to complain about people making fun of their name.


I will name my next fish Abcde, it is quite a clever name.


Her sister Elemenohpee had no problems.


Peequeue isn’t have an easy run, either.


Is it actually legit?
Most of those “person names child XYZ” stories are fabricated.


Could have been a worse name, IfyouseeKaye.


The employee should be congratulating for letting someone know they’re a farktard and have inflicted a lifetime of issues upon their child.


Well said, LaShawndaniqua.



I know 2 kids names Isis, names well before ISIS was a thing.


Some people call their children Gary.


Or Bruce




Well…What if your’e on a plane during an Essendon vs anyone grand final and in the last minutes Essendon make a miraculous comeback with a few goals and just as the siren blows you jump out of your seat in excitement and scream out “GO BOMBERS”


Remember the Pangea nuclear waste proposal back in the 90’s?

I still think its a good idea. Not for creating massive cows, but good source of generating income for the next 200,000 years.

Nuclear. It’s not going away.