Blatant cheating by umpires - “having a ‘mare” this century

How about when the get the ball near the boundary line and do the following

  1. Turn directly over the boundary line if that’s not deliberate then what it

  2. Walk it over the boundary line when miraculously 10 minutes before they could do a no look over the head hand ball

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The umpires need to give them selves an upper cut they have been horrendous this year.

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The problem I see is by having 4!you get each of them not picking 1 thing

Yesterday in our match only 1 ump paid all the holding frees

Another like in the back

It’s a crap shoot

4 umpires and they still can’t cover all the angles that’s the issues

That is NOT irony.

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Surprised there’s less complaints in here. At the game it was one of the worst umpired I’ve seen this year. (The first half was).

They appeared to stop blowing the whistle, like they had the whole round. Plus we went from having hardly any free kicks to lots of really bizarre ones, consecutively.

The one that annoyed me was their defender that ducked to avoid a tackle in the pocket, but got the free for too high, even though he didn’t dispose of it either. They went the length of the ground and kicked a goal, instead of us having a shot.


There is a reason for that.

And maggot apologists love to quote those manufactured stats.


That shows a delightful symmetry. Duz was going for a hard-get ball, got whacked in the head TWICE from behind, so the maggots paid the free AGAINST him. FCFC duly converted the goal.


Insufficient intent is so confusing. If the AwFuL wants ball to remain in play as often as possible, why is the free kick paid only when the ball is kicked? There are so many instances when players just step or back or deliberately punch the ball over the line. How is that ‘sufficient’ intent but kicking an oval ball 40m parallel to the boundary line only to trickle over ‘insufficient’ intent? Or punching the ball straight to the boundary line ‘sufficient’ intent?

Our game has a long history of throwing the ball back into play from the boundary line. Either we abandon this history and it’s a free against the team who last touched the ball (like soccer or basketball which AFl is not) or pee off this non logical current ‘insufficient intent’ crap.


But yeo should of been penalised 15 Sec earlier for his high tackle on Wardlaw

And what he did has been holding the ball for 20 years.

If you bring the ball back in and are tackled, it’s holding the ball.

He should be shot

If this ■■■■ shows up near my seats on Sunday he’s getting a can of draught into his ■■■■■■■ face.


lol, that’s funny