Blatant cheating by umpires


now thats a disgrace.

umpiring is fkg amateur


Seriously should send this to Woosha to take to umps meeting


88 games in total, 22 positive FK differentials (25%).


Great stuff TB.

All clubs possible?

Or maybe run the “predict Essendon based on all others” , predict Hawthorn based on all others etc, and then compare actual vs predicted.

(Sorry, I know what I mean, but can’t think of the words)


It’s basically attempted match fixing

Professional puppets working to adjudicate the game whilst having a lean/an understanding towards a preferred AFL outcome.

But it’s not a true competition. We don’t have a draw but a fixture. We have strings being pulled constantly all for the purpose of $$$ or other agendas.

We probably won’t get any fairness until the 34 are all out of the league. And/or the honchos with their axe to grind are gone from AFL house.


Fast forward to mid 2018. After a bad start Essendon are starting to put together some reasonable football and may even make the finals. At the same time Jackson Taylor’s case threatening to expose the duplicity of certain AFL personnel has a win in court. The case will proceed to full trial, involving discovery, witnesses being called to give evidence under oath etc. Gil is totally unconcerned, thinks it is a waste of time, is hardly even aware of the case and doesn’t even know who the AFL’s lawyer is. In the next three games there is an inexplicable mismatch in the number of frees awarded against Essendon. They finally lose a game that effectively puts them out of the finals race.


No I think they try to be objective but carry their own innate subconscious emotional responses that are validated by experiences that suit those subconscious responses. Think of it as confirmation bias.


Think of it as ignored incompetence.

And you can bet the umpiring department has much more revealing data than we do.


I hope we are going into this meeting with the umpires really well prepared with many, many examples from the last 3 weeks of missed free kicks side by side with paid free kicks to the opposition.


If you have any doubts, have another look at the first 3 quarters of the 2016 Grand Final. Everyone (especially AFL) wanted the Dogs to get up for the fairytale premiership win. The umpiring was so one sided it was almost comical. Once the dogs were well up, they evened it out a bit in the last quarter, even blatantly ignoring some genuine frees to the Dogs as the stats were so one sided.

In most workplaces you know what your employer wants, and what behaviours will make them happy, even if they don’t lay it out to you in so many words.


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more like “high”


i dont think the umpires are instructed to favor a particular team because an umpire would eventually talk.
However, umpires being nobbled by bookmakers is always a possibility. Also, the umpires coaches could always instruct them to look closely for transgressions that they know that our players are prone to. This way the umpires would zero in on us rather than the opposition.


Sweet christ no! We’re already enough of a laughing stock…


Awesome trolling of people who love the same team as you do :slight_smile:

Seriously mate, let us have a whinge.


Oh my goodness, some factual data. No room for interpretation there. It’s a pity the AFL, ASADA, WADA and the CAS didn’t use the same level of proof in ruining the lives of 37 people.

Good work Lion_To_Don


Being paid by the AFL to do a job

Just like the CAS arbitrators are.


It’s the perfect logic to get away with it. Watertight. That’s why nothing ever happens.


I can’t cop deliberate, premeditated cheating by the umps. If I were in their shoes and leant on to not favour a team I’d tell them to jump and go about doing the best job I can. Seriously, you couldn’t live with yourself otherwise. Some of the mistakes (and that’s all they are) are so glaringly obvious they’d have to have an IQ of less than 30 to not realise the rest of the footy world can see what’s going on with the inevitable questions of cheating asked/suggested.

I understand some of the conspiracy theorists have drawn parallels with the SAGA, and it makes for great reading/theorising but no way will the umps deliberately cheat.

What I can believe though is subconscious bias based on a number of variables, like 1 team being too aggressive or them favouring a certain team/outcome (Dogs/Tiges GF wins).

The AFL aren’t directing them. The umpires are a law unto themselves (they have the power) and will umpire accordingly. 4 umpires aren’t helping either as there’s more chance of differing interpretations.


well if you were an umpire with ethics then you would prepared to be umpiring VFL :slight_smile: or at least matches getting matches in Tassie, Darwin, Adelaide, NSW, Gold Coast.
Or Just matches not involving Essendon.