Blatant cheating by umpires


They review every passage of play the umpires are involved in. They review all decision making (free kicks or play on calls or missed calls), they review “game management”, and they review positioning. It’s a pretty exhaustive process so I’m told.


And sometimes, even when they are staring right at an offence, they don’t see it or chose not to?


I’m not really a Shaw fan and think he rambles on and focuses too much on himself and his tunnel vision however - confirmation bias has me suggesting that this is an excellent piece of writing :slight_smile:


It should be a very clear instruction - if you are not certain - don’t make the FARKIN call!




Interesting used of words. Described the free kick deficit as “alarming.”


Internally he is still privately seething about Paul Roos being called Holding the ball way back in 1991 27 years ago!

I would say in that case - umpire was subconsciously effected by vocal Adelaide crowd, and made errors of judgement.

I just dont see how the umpires could be consistently be that bad 3 weeks in a row in our case. 3 Decisions, yes thats easy to sutff up for a honest umpire.

And I dont mind poor umpiring as long as its poor for both teams.


I will believe it is merely incompetence when we get a good run in situations that matter in games that matter.


I could give you ‘reasons’ but I’d get drowned out.


Good luck with that. I have no doubt we will get a great run with the umps now we are out of the finals. just to show they are not biased.


So if they review the games, analyse each decision yet we consistently get the same idiots paying the same free kicks again what are we to conclude?
How many games has Dean Margetts umpired, what about Pannell? I cant believe these guys can umpire every week with a review after performances they give and not expect clubs to complain. If they were players they would be off a list within a year.
Umpires are reviewed by their boss. Employed by Hocking and the AFL. So ultimately he is reviewing their performance and telling them it was acceptable to be umpiring the following week.


that they get most of them right, to the tenuous letter of the laws of the game, and that there isn’t accountability for their mistakes.


And who is the body that reviews and holds them accountable?


Club forum posters.


I was gonna say martians. or the Illuminati. Or maybe the bloke standing on the grassy knoll. although apparently there was a second spitter.


Martians have too many links back to Sheeds. I give that retort win to @Deckham.


I remember watching this at my grandparents. It was disgusting then, still is. This doesn’t have the first free.


WOW. I can only imagine this place if that was how we lost to the pies on the weekend. FFS. How many more AFL games did that Muppet officiate?

EDIT: Just went onto you tube, that video is publish by the crows. haha. I might comment there as well.





Was it Troy Pannell that famously awarded 17-1 free kicks in favour of the dogs during a game that year?

Umpires are corruptable like a large portion of society, thoughts otherwise are naive