Blatant cheating by umpires


All that will happen is we will get a few calls go our way against Gold Coast, everyone will say it’s all good…Then in a couple of weeks time it will be back to the same old corrupt umpiring against Sydney


Suspect they will put the cue in the rack for the year. No need to poke the bear now that we are out of finals contention. Unless of course we go on a tear and win our next 6 games. Can imagine the intensity in the umpiring vs Port!


So everyone is still ignoring the actual stats and figures.
Carry on, zombies.


I’m not ignoring them. I’m ignoring the leap people are making to “the AFL are telling umpires to favour teams playing against Essendon”


The leap doesn’t have to be as blatant as directing specifically to favour a side. But the AFL would no doubt have the same statistics and know the umpiring fraternity very well.

If the AFL wanted to manipulate games, not saying they are, it would be simple as assigning certain umpires to games that will have a more likely outcome to what they may want. Like assigning 2-3 west australians to umpire a west coast game. Or assigning an umpire with a poor history against a side more often than not.

We all know the draw is manipulated for revenue, the draft is manipulated, rules are manipulated not season by season but week to week, fines and punishments via tribunal and AFL investigations have constantly stunk to high heaven (Saga, Bailey, Tanking, Franklin on and on and on). Manipulation in the umpires department shouldn’t come as a stretch to anyone.


Haven’t heard many (if anyone) make that statement.

Anyway who cares about the reason, we all agree there is a pattern.

And I for one feel it stuffed our season.


John Worsfold: “Derek, We’re not happy with the umpiring for most of the season. Poor umpiring is hurting our performance and momentum in matches.”

Derek humphrey Smith: “That’s not our problem. You need to coach your players to tackle better.”

John Worsfold: “FFS! Fine.”


I think you may have me turned around 180d :wink:
Or at least - 90d


Sorry Shawry but social media platforms were very vocal on the way we were getting cheated in both the North Melbourne and West Coast Eagles games.



The argument of ‘noone was complaining when we won’ is a mute point.

This thread is proof of it. People were furious.
While all the umpire sympathisers were telling everyone to ‘shut up, you won’.

Now the umpire sympathisers are trying to use the argument of ‘no one was complaining when you were winning. People are clearly disgruntled about losing’.

I call bullsh*t.


re the Mckernan set shot can anyone tell me how many seconds were left on the shot clock when play on was called?


Yep - I think that was against Adelaide at Etihad.


He never got the free kicks he deserved.


Next year dajaju


There was a second umpire I tells ya!


Looks like a duck…walks like a duck…quacks like a duck.

Guess its a cheating maggot then.

Seriously, stats don’t lie, every Bomber supporter knows these cants have been screwing us over for 5 of the last 6 years. Does not matter if the bias is deliberate or not, the fact that they see the stats every week and then chose to fark us over again and again is an indication that its deliberate !!!

Get rid of one if them, take their numbers off their back and tell them its not all about them and to just do the job they are over paid to do. A job most able bodied people could do given fitness & training and unlike the footballers that they are “playing games with” who actually have a talent.

Umpires…pfff overrated


He got 30 seconds from when he took the mark. What got him into trouble we the ump taking ages to set to mark and him movingforward towards the ump during this time, I suspect he was having trouble hearing, and then walking back to the top of his mark for the second time. By the time he actually settled in the shot the 30 seconds was gone. The trouble I see here is that the umps often call time off to set the mark if they need to which also stops the 30 seconds. This didn’t happen here.


Was it someone from North where the countdown didn’t start until the guy had tied his bootlaces, picked his nose, scratched his freckle, gone for a burger and then stood up?


Usually the ump gives a pretty strong notice when there are ten seconds to go — but at that point he was too busy telling Collingwood players to get out of the protected area.

There was a relatively muted partial countdown, and a rather un-muted crowd build, but Smack was in his own zone.

Hey Smack: when you’re 40 out on a 45 degree angle, just kick the freakin’ goal. It’s not like range or technique is in any way a problem for you.


I love your post Deckham but the angry mob has spoken. I’m sticking with the mob!