Blatant cheating by umpires


M Nicholls to umpire the Essendon game this weekend…


Ya gotta hand it to them, even after all the carfarkle they aren’t even bothering to hide it anymore.


Did you watch the North game? Ben Brown would have chopped Hurley and Hookers arms at every single contest where he was outmarked in the game. Mostly bringing down the ball - no frees were paid against him that I can recall.

This is the type of play we need to do across the field. Scrag, hold, block & tunnell - Hawks also killed us with similar dirty tactics.


Nicholls alert for this week. Nicholls alert.


Opposition players know that we don’t get free kicks and so they comfortably infringe against us.

Hurley is so scared of giving away a free he hardly touches his opponent

This isn’t a 3 week issue, this is a 5 year issue. This is how I know they are corrupt.


Umps are just puppets in an organisation

The dogs are the AFL


Get farked by umps three weeks in a row

Complain to the umpiring department

Get Nichols the next game

MFW Should have stayed in Perth



Lol… sliding doors. I can’t believe the all puts it on their website/app. The disdain for us is just blatant


Yep - completely ignores the statistical evidence; goes with hyperbole.


the butthurt is severe for the purple headed ■■■■■■■.


I said earlier in the week I didn’t want to mention the umpiring to my Collingwood mate for a couple of reasons. Well, last night at our social fortnightly get together he apologised for the poor umpiring. He’d never seen it that bad. Farking incompetent umps, costing Essendon big time this year.


For me, it’s not about the stats, which is part of my annoyance!


Barrett should stick to laughing at rank jokes with ‘the boys’ then widely condemning them when he realizes the public outrage.


Not only does Daniher stage for free kicks. He does it badly. He could have an excellent acting career in that bastion of poor acting sport…soccer.


Similar to the messsage my son got from one of his Collingwood supporting mates who texted him straight after the game saying “you were robbed.”


Please don’t call the AFL dogs, it is an insult to dogs. Most dogs are loyal and faithful companions, they deserve better and the AFL are a long way from those sorts of qualities.


I believe that was the eagles game

Mark lecras had like over a minute to take a shot. Ties his shoes so the umpire called time off.



It must be really soul crushing to be a junior journalist who has worked so hard to forge a career but still not get paid a tenth of what that purple-headed ***** gets in his pay check


Nothing new in this… I just liked the headline


I’d argue anyone who pursues a career in AFL journalism has no soul. And ■■■■ all brains to get a real job.