Blatant cheating by umpires


Yay we are in the top 4 for clangers and tackles…what a team!


No, Richmond are twice as badly treated* as GWS (the comparison was Free Kick Differential).

*Or they deserve it because they’re dirty/dumb/not adequate cheaters. Can’t say I watch that closely.


You nailed it


Richmond conduct more professional frees than an other team. This is how they end up with more players in defense by deliberately holding up the play. Umps are so dumb to react. I would pay auto 50m penalty every time. It’s a waste of time. Then watch how Richmond try to change their ■■■■ strategy.


The Goddard HTB free when the umpire was blindsided and just guessed about him not handballing was blatant cheating

Only pay the frees you see. Otherwise play on.

Don’t fkn make them up


Are any of the stats gurus able to breakdown the % of time we get certain umpires against certain clubs? Would be interesting to see if we get Pannell in Sydney games and Margetts in WC games a disproportionate amount of times.

I have not doubt we will end up with Pannell again this week.


Of note since Woosh spoke to umpires department and media got around it.

Vs GC (away) EFC 17-20 GC
Vs Freo (home) EFC 24- 22 FRE

So we are only minus 1 over the two weeks instead of minus 20 in the weeks preceding.

We were expected to win those games though really so frees weren’t going to be that important. Let’s see how we go vs Swans this week.

As a home game we better fkn be in the positive.


I thought the umpiring was pretty average overall on Saturday.

There were some howlers for both teams. I noticed when we got a bad one paid against us. The umpires would call a square up free kick, which was even worse than the original free kick.

Pretty average imo.


Expect a major reaming by the umpires against the Swans this Friday night.

They lose to us and, given their draw, there’s every chance they are the ones to drop out of the Top 8 with us replacing them by the end of the H&A season.

Do you really, really think the AFL is going to allow the Swans to putting their Top 8 position at risk with a loss to us following their shock loss to the GCS?

I don’t.

I expect the umpiring fraternity to do everything it can to get the Swans over the line.

It will be interesting to see what unfolds.


Essendon will beat Sydney by 19.

Free kick count
Ess 20
Sydney 27


We better have the roof closed.
We better get off to a good start.
We better be better than better you bet.
I think things can only get better :wink:


Who calls a free for poor umpire bounce.
And what’s worse is they continue to try and bounce thereafter.
The result time wasting and a missed opportunity for both teams. ■■■■■■ both supporters off the chain!


Can someone from our team please sweet talk Glu? Wine, dine, then shut the gate.


As a home game, the crowd better get loud and increase the confirmation bias.


Umpires in Perth since 2005 v Essendon.


Umpires v Sydney for both Home and Away



Goddard pointed his finger at the umpire.

we’re ■■■■■■.


You’ve got the figures for the Freo game round the wrong way they had 24 frees to our 22 (the only stat they won) so its minus 5 over the last 2 weeks. We will get monumentally crucified this week!


If Pannell is our Ump, assume the position.


So to get back to normality Sydney has to win the frees by 30 this week. Gotcha.

(And then we get paid a dodgy one on the final siren, and Hartley torps it home from seventy out, and the AFL announce on Saturday morning that we will never again be allowed a home game versus them.)