Blatant cheating by umpires


Good work, Trev.

So @Heptides’ prediction was right: we got Margetts (7 games) more than any other umpire in our WA games, and Pannell (4) more than any other v Snydey.

How did we get to be so lucky?


From the AFL website:

"The Bombers have won just 34 free kicks inside their forward 50 this season. This is the fewest of any side and six fewer than the next lowest team. "


So we are NOT all just a bunch of one eyed whingers???


As other have said its not just the massive numbers against us its the ones we miss & where they are paid. Is there a stat that shows how many free kicks have resulted in goals against us - that would be interesting.


Hah! Yes it would.

Worse, let’s say 2/3rds of our frees were shots on goal, and knowing our forwards’ accuracy, from those 34 frees we probably would have ended up with only 6 goals, 12 behinds and 6 OOF.


May not tell the whole story though, would like to see the free kick count against Essendon forward of centre, that culminated in a goal to the other team.


Pannell umpiring this week, nothing surer.



17 - Justin Schmitt
20 - Sam Hay
25 - Shaun Ryan

Hay and Ryan umpired the Freo game


They always do… every year, winning or losing games, they are always top or near top of the free kick ladder.


So not only in total free kick differential are we getting done over (2nd worst) but also in free kicks won in goal scoring range (worst).

Umps still have their AFL instructed saga related bias running surely. Hard to change when it’s become ingrained over all that time.


That should actually be good.
Assuming they don’t change interpretations radically from last week (I know tin foilers, but little media beat up about any specific game aspect this week), we should know how at least two umpires will call things.

So Saad on Buddy for the “high fend off in marking contest” free kick could be a tactical master stroke.


Just watched the AFL videos on the app. Oh my. They’re completely full of it.

I thought the free against Hurley to Franklin was bullshit, but to hear the umpire say he paid the free because Mick ‘had no intention of going for the ball’ is simply disgusting. Of course he was going for the ball. His eyes were on it, he tried to punch it and the only reason he didn’t was Lance blocked him with an arm. In fact, Frankin played the man more than the ball.

How does he not pay a free against Franklin two minutes later?

The free against Raz where Schmidt said he grabbed him around the head. That was in front of me, and he simply didn’t do that.

The no ball to Tippa against Jones. What more needs to be said.


Has nothing to do with the Saga, in the late 70’s Harry Bietzel when answering a complaint from an Essendon supporter said the reason for the huge free kick disparity was that Essendon were 2nd to the ball. Five years later he said the reason for the disparity was Essendon being too aggressive at the ball.
This crap has being going on since Coleman was coach.


Even though we had twice as many free kicks as them, I feel they still cheated!


Get over it people. Last nights free kick count proves Blitz is never happy.


I honestly reckon that blatant cheat of not paying the fee to Tippa very much forced the issue back in our favour. The crowd were seriously near riot after that & I think it lead to a lot of far less obvious free being paid to us.


I agree

They were ■■■■■■■■ themselves plus I think at halftime they would have been tapped on the shoulder and said hey we can’t afford another enquiry from John


Maybe some players should go to umpire training to teach them the difference between good body use and blocking - they clearly have no idea.

A bit of positive reinforcement could be used too. Buddy could physically demonstrate on the umpires what a legal forearm to the back of the neck looks like and congratulate them for calling play on.


I particularly enjoyed the 50 against Parish.


The non free against Grundy that led to their first goal. The 50 against Parish for Heeney dropping the ball. The free to Buddy for Hurley “unrealistic attempt” when buddy actually shepherded Hurley away to run onto the ball over the back, the non free to Hurley when buddy pushes him in the back. Fox taking on two tacklers, running about 10m then dropping the ball when tackled…

Those incidents aren’t necessarily reflected in the free kick numbers (except the free to buddy) but we’re a direct result in 40% of their goals despite being smashed in almost every category.

I honestly don’t know what it is but the non calls (when others are paid) are the most annoying and not reflected in stats.