Blatant cheating by umpires


I really do think the saga is involved…not in a conscious way - I’m not a complete tin-foil-hat loon just yet - but I’m pretty sure there is an unconscious bias “hangover” from all the negative press etc during the saga, that will still take a while to work it’s way out of their minds. Add to that the desire for the AFL to have Shittney always in the eight so their “loyal” fans don’t evaporate - and the all-too-evident favouritism towards the Perth teams - and it’s not surprising that we always get a raw deal from the umps at the moment.

But hey, if this team is going to challenge for the flag over the next couple of years they need to ignore the free-kick count and just push through…jst like last night.


And we are moving beyond that, because our skills and our desire to play like a well oiled machine.
It made NO difference.


I couldn’t believe that! That was a joke!

Still can’t get over those two HTB that weren’t paid last night in our forward line in the 1st qtr.


The 50 against Parish at least you could understand that the ump has been conned. The ball came out so its not that hard to see they assumed (wrongly) that Parish stripped it out. Incompetent decisions like that are frustrating but at least I can see how they happen. The non-calls of HTB are completely different. There really was no interpretations needed & no way to suggest they couldn’t see it or were somehow fooled by the players. There simply is no logical explanation other than temporary blindness or bias. We have very high inside 50 stats, the highest marks inside 50 & have the guys with the most inside 50 tackles YET we were way behind the second least inside 50 frees. Again the only explanations are that we are fundamentally doing something wrong in the way we play (coached incorrectly) or there is a bias.






There were at least 2 frees in that contest. Yet Orazio gets a free against him for simply holding his ground on the wing!


A free kick every day of the week, USUALLY.


and devon gets fined for ‘attemped trip’

that looks like a successful trip to me.


If it was successful he’d have been face down.


the buddy one was successful.

no freekick.


Oh, ok. Sorry. Misread it. completely right.


Some of those I agree with.
Some where 50/50 ish
And there were others that erroneously went our way in the 2nd half.


that’s a chris judd judo special

umpire 25 had a straight on view of it

What a ■■■■■■■ muppet


The problem with the htb decisions is although they have an eternity to get rid of it, they manage to get a correct disposal away in the end. We get tackled and incorrectly dispose of it, thus we don’t know if we would get the same leeway in terms of time.



Umpiring was in our favour last night apart from a couple of non holding the ball decisions .


Doubtful freekick to demons right in front against mcgovern bullshit at end of 3 rd quarter
Won those … the game. Umpire called it from centre of ground


Can you try that in English??


What about:

  • Heeney being gifted a 50m for a goal in Q2 when he dropped the ball after the mark - Parish didn’t touch it?
  • Heeney clearly taking Devon Smith 20m in front of our goal but Smith being penalised for dropping the ball?
  • Two shocking decisions in Q3 that resulted Franklin scoring his only two goals
  • Three blatant 50m not paid to us whne Swans players went into the exclusion zone - Franklin twice in Q3 and Zac Jones (I think) in Q4.

We had the rub of the green in patches but they got what we got X 2 that either prevented us kicking goals or resulting in the Swans kicking goals…

And I’m not even counting the 2 HTB decisions we should have got - and didn’t - in our F50 in Q1.

We might have got the weight by shear numbers of frees but the Swans got far greater value from the calls than we did.


WAFL captain’s words…

“There were 10 howlers by the umpires last night, and 9 went against the Bombers. I was happy they won”.