Blatant cheating by umpires


Findlay (23), Hosking (16) and Margetts (6)


I expect today to be worse umpiring than the WC, Collingwood and North games combined. Margetts will really step it up today.


Hurley’s neck was simply not strong enough for Buddy’s forarm.




Might be overestimating it a bit.


Got this sickening feeling that this will be a busy thread today.


Have mercy on us all

Free kick hawthorn


Findlay is a very average Umpire


Lat half Hawks 9 frees Bombers 2…they were the difference


This thread fired up again😂
Like it’s gonna change anything

Gil the prick McLaughlin sitting next to Kennett told me that we were gonna get reamed today.


Fuuuuuuuuuuuck these carnts. We didn’t play the best but once again it’s one dodgy free that helps decide our fate


I know a few ways to sort the umpires out…


Last time we played them, they ran in and kicked a goal from open play, after the siren.

This time they are kicking goals off the knee. Video umpire refuses to look at the footage which showed that it was off the knee.


If marghetts ever gets hit by the karma bus I sure hope it’s painted red and black


YES ROBBO. Thats where the hate should be directed


Anyone got a screenshot or still on the ball hitting the knee?


It hit him on the shin it was a goal


Except it didn’t …


They were fkn atrocious again.

Barely touch a Hawks player = FREE KICK. Heavily touch an Essendon player, PLAY ON!


If Essendon had have won, a similar thread would be going on Hawthorn’s website about that dodgy advantage we got that led to a goal.

We got screwed. But it didn’t cost us the game.