Blatant cheating by umpires


It was worth a goal.

We just gotta spin them 370 degrees.


It shouldn’t have been a free kick in the first place


In the first quarter alone, there were three tackles where the Hawthorn player was spun 360 - or even 370, DJR! - degrees before dubiously getting rid of the ball. Play on. Tippa got tackled immediately after taking possession in a pack - “Free kick Hawthorn”.

A Hawthorn player tackled, and THROWS The ball one handed in the throwingest throw that has ever been thrown. Play on.

Mitchell is tackled, throws the ball. Free kick, Hawthorn.

Fanta is pushed by a Haw into another Haw player after he marked it. 50 m penalty. Goal.

McG goes for the ball, held by the jumper so bad it stretched out 3 feet behind him. Nothing to see here, says the maggot.

etc etc etc.

Our turnovers hurt, but all these and so very many more acts of maggotry hurt worse.

At least 5 points worse.


If someone has time to fend off a tackle, they have time to hand ball.

Straight up holding the ball for any player that gets tackled trying to fend off the tackler.

I counted 2 today. The prior opportunity is the fend off. No ifs, or buts.


Over the off-season we need to watch footage and learn the tricks that the good teams do, like taking the ball out of the hands of a teammate when he’s getting tackled so he’s not penalised.


That’s what makes the game so unenjoybale for me.
They miss obvious blatant free kicks to “keep the game moving and make it look good” yet pay the ridiculous hybrid bull dust rules every week.


The Tom Mitchell HTB/handpass over the boundary in the last 5 minutes got me all hot and bothered.

Even the dubious advantage call that went our way; Hawthon player took the advantage, stopped, was tackled, then dropped it like a hot potato = PLAY ON


so many holding the man’s were not called today


But this is just the problem. WHEN WE DO JUST THAT, we get pinged for “incorrect disposal”

It is no use “learning the tricks”. The maggots just look for any reason to penalise us. While turning a blind eye to all the cheating that teams like Hawthorn do. Just as we saw YET AGAIN today: they ignore the pushes in the back, the holding the man, the throwing the balls, the deliberate out of bounds (Mitchell in the last Q) the sinking the knees into an opponent on the ground etc etc.


What bothered me today is how long the umps kept giving the Hawks players to kick the ball after a mark / free. Whereas they seem to be very quick to call us to play on. Part of the reason for turnovers.


Stringer was tackled front on when he went for the mark- no free

Mitchelll tackled in the last quarter hand balled out of bounce- no free for deliberate


That reminds me of the first ever game of footy I played in primary school. I grabbed the ball and went for a run and the ump blew the whistle and called “out of bounce”. I bounced the ball and told him it was all good then proceeded to run up the wing. Stupid umpire paid a free against me. I hate umpires, they have no idea.


I swear we are the only club whose forwards never receive free’s for front on contact


Or chopping of the arms. Or punches to the head when of course they were trying to punch the ball, of course. Or etc etc etc


haven’t watched the replay but didn’t think the umps were that bad


No, they were not as egregious as they have been.

But they still did all the above.

They don’t have to be “that bad” to make more than 4 points difference to the outcome of the game.


Me either.

Definitely decided to give plenty of opportunities to get handballs away when being tackled to Hawks. That’s about all.


What was up with the 50 from Fantasia that ended up a hawks goal?

It looked like Fanta was pushed?


What Albert said…


It’s not your imagination. Stats done about 2 weeks ago in the Hun (I think) have Essendon easily in front as the team that receives the least amount of free kicks in its forward line.