Blatant cheating by umpires


The umpiring was ridden with errors and miss-calls like usual, but it was fairly even in its distribution of fuckardlyness.
We lost.
We had too many that lost the plot or had a bad game.
Nothing to do with umpires.


The 50 meter penalty and the missed holding the ball in the goal square in the first quarter, were costly mistakes by the umpires.


Mitchell deliberate out of bounds was frustrating in the last quarter.
So many close games this week.
Umpires could easily influence the results.


Happy to oblige! :wink:


the massive in the back to mcgrath (not paid) in the last 2 minutes was pretty average.


They were probably the only two I thought were clear bad decisions.


You missed one on the members wing where the ball was handed over/given, not hand balled from one Hawk to another- you just can’t do that.


As Gough said, IT’S TIME."


Missed the game yesterday, but checked the scores on my phone. Saw at half time the frees were 7-7, then halfway through the last it was 15-8.
Hawthorn must be the most disciplined team in the entire history of sport to give away 1 free in 45 minutes of football.


Yes that’s right, they’re perfect just ask Jeff.


Blatant but tbf, the umpires returned the favour later on when we did the exact same thing and unbelievably didn’t penalise us.


Fanta getting tunneled in the marking contest


I’m fifty fifty on that one if it’s the one I’m thinking of where he had his legs taken from under him. I thought the dawks player was going for the ball but I only saw it once in real time.


I thought that was a free kick every time. Let me correct that not every time.


Probs helps when the AFL CEO is sitting watching the game with your club president like they’re bff’s


If he came from the back - yes. But he came from the side and looked like he was going for the ball and may have even made contact with the ball.


Eliminate our atrocious skills/decision making errors around half back and we win the game by 4 goals. We’ve copped the rubbish end of umpiring all year, but yesterday was our own doing.


Didn’t see it, I’ll believe you but thousands of others wouldn’t.


was Goddard’s foot on the line not over and that Gunstan goal could have cost us the game?image


And other clubs no doubt have realised they can push the line against us as infringements don’t get paid.