Blatant cheating by umpires


On the line is all that’s needed.

Mind you, it’s certainly not rare for the umps to miss these, especially those on the front line. Side line is very easy to pick.


And the replay from the front showed his boot was over by 3 or 4 inches clearly anyway.


It was a reasonably late call. I thought he’d got away with it for a moment.


Hawthorn had the same thing in the third quarter that wasn’t called.


Anyone who thinks the umpiring yesterday wasn’t as bad as the previous shower of sh*t we’ve copped this year is waaaaaaay off.

If you’re silly enough to watch the game again or in particular the 2nd half, be prepared to snap your remote into fkn pieces.


Its a harsh decision, but the players should expect the umpires to pull this bullsht out of their arse. You need to prevent giving them the arsenal to make this call.

Saying that. It was utterly disgraceful that we didn’t man up a ball-up in the goal square. Just bad defending.


It wasn’t our players fault. They did nothing wrong.
Didn’t you see the umpire shepherding our man at the ball up?
The lengths these guys go to is just astounding…


So teaching the maggots how to shepherd for them is another reason why Hawthorn paid for the maggots to come to their pre-season camp to train with their players.


Goddard decision was correct.

Mitchell deliberate was horribly incorrect.


Last quarter alone:

  • Mitchell non deliberate
  • Burgoyne non deliberate
  • Deliberate paid against McNiece near the boundary
  • High tackle paid against Tippa on Burgoyne yet the exact same thing happened on an Essendon player 5 mins later, PLAY ON
  • In the back not paid on one of our guys in the centre with 1 min left
  • 50m not paid against Hawthorn after Burgoyne is caught holding the ball and the hawks player blasts the ball up the field as far as he could

I dont care about the result, I just want fairness in any walk of life and we’re not getting it.




Exactly how I felt on the day.

Don’t get me started on the wasn’t a Goal.

Fox have heaps of camera angles to check from, from behind the goals, … yet we only see 2 angles in the review, … neither of which you could see the touches definitively as you definitely would from one of the cameras behind , … but when you go frame by frame, you can see the ball change it’s shaping as it passes Hurls fist, … and you can definitely see where it hits the Hawk guy above his knee.

No other angles were used, … or at least shown to us,… as any other time they would be.

Not suss at all.


Can the club on review of the game ask for footage to be released of all angles or is it property of the AFL empire?


That Burgoyne one that we didn’t get 50 for was deadset cheating! Decision as clear as day, and a hawthorn flog just smashes it forward 50m.

Didn’t Zac get shoved down right in front of the ump and didn’t get a free?!


Yeah,…I don’t know. And let’s be honest, . it won’t make a difference now.

Lol, . how would it be, to have the game turned over on a really really belated score review?? That would be something. :wink:


AFL: Lets make the square 10 metres longer.

AFL: You can’t get a 1cm advantage by stepping on the line.


Shame shame shame again on the umpires


I would like to do a Gaff on the umpires


It doesn’t look like it from that frame. You would need to look at half a dozen shots. Tuff t1tt1es add to the list of others.


I snapped a few times with umpires decisions especially during the last qtr. Cheating f##king umpires and that a##rsehole arrogant pig of coach Clarkson has the audacity to question the decision re the immediate play on from one of his players. Another reason I snapped was seeing that other piece of a##rsehole King of AFL sitting next to Mr F##king Know All Man, expert on everything especially on mental health. I wouldn’t p#ss on any of them if they were on fire. Now I feel a lot better since I’ve got all that ■■■■ of my brain.