Blatant cheating by umpires


foot must be behind the line, not touching.


Be interesting to watch the game again and see how often it happened in that game.


The umpires usually let the kickout foot on the line go.
But we need to be smarter. It was preventable. Goddard needed to be smarter, as he knows the umpires have biased issue against us. You simply don’t allow them the opportunity to make these calls.


Goddard has no excuse of putting his foot on the line. After the Sydney debacle last year, he should have vowed never to stuff up in a preventable way again. Why would you even go near the line? Kick the ■■■■■■ thing from 2m back.
Secondly, Francis should watch the replay of Gunstone running through the contest unimpeded, from the resulting ball up, and be told he must never be guilty of that again. The same thing happened (Hartley/Franklin, and Rampe/? I’ve forgotten who) in the dying seconds from the throw in which led to Rohan’s goal after the siren.
We allow it all the time. It should NEVER happen.


Francis got lost but Hookers positioning was worse. He was on the line and creeped in. That should never have been a goal.


Hooker had another moment in the third where he inexplicably backed off a contest in the centre of the ground and dropped inside a vacant defensive 50. If he’d come to the contest to create the out number he would have got an uncontested possession. Instead we conceded a goal.


Also positioned badly when Gunston out marked Francis. Can’t remember if it resulted in a goal or point. But back to bad umpiring, Hooker got rolled twice in a marking contest in the third in a short amount of time. I thought one of Hooker, Heppell, Smith or Stringer were going to bop the umpire at stages.


I wonder why in all games the bounce in the centre square is very high and the replay throw up is high while the throw ups around the ground are low throws.


I don’t believe that to be true.


That was gross. Just seems so completely unnecessary.


Did you see how high they were bouncing the ball in the syd v Pies game?

But yeah I don’t understand low throw ball ups, I think because the ruckman are already so close to each other and preventing injury from having their knees up.


I don’t mind if it is for a reason but why don’t they explain it. I think I’ll ring the fountain of all knowledge Sen.


Solution: get rid of the goal square.


Here’s a question for you. If the ball goes out of bounds right on the 50 metre mark, are boundary umpires required to throw the ball in so that, if it fell straight to the ground without the ruckmen laying a finger on it, it would land on the 50 metre arc in the field of play?


Boundary umps are meant to throw towards the centre circle — note that this is not necessarily at right angles to the boundary line.


So some umpires, if so inclined can throw the ball more towards the centre of the ground than others.
I suspected as much, there was a throw in on the members side near the Essendon forward 50 mark that trajectoried 30 metres closer to the wing. Thought it was a bit overdone.


Yeah, I know which one you mean, I was in bay 52 in line with that throw-in and the centre circle.

It was bad but not particularly unusual.


Three Bombers have received sanctions from Match Review Officer Michael Christian following Essendon’s four-point loss to Hawthorn on Saturday.

Aaron Francis has been fined $2000 for rough conduct after Christian graded his strong bump on Hawks midfielder Jaeger O’Meara in the dying stages of the match as careless conduct with low impact to the head.

Cale Hooker has also been fined $2000 for striking Hawk Ryan Schoenmakers, while captain Dyson Heppell was fined $1000 for umpire contact.


I thought it was a fair bump. If it had have been vicki virka everyone would have been raving about it.

Talk about sanitation.


Yep. You would think a good coach would have coached defenders about that.