Blatant cheating by umpires


AFL to review advantage rule as Hawks seek answer

THE AFL will review its execution of the advantage rule after one call in the Hawthorn-Essendon clash could have had a big say on the match.

How many ■■■■■■■ contentious or just plain wrong advantage decisions have there been this season do you reckon? But no, Hawks ■■■■■ and moan about this one. Hope they also inquire about all the ■■■■ that they were handed to on a platter as well.


Maybe one day they will review and pay consistently the rules that this great game were actually built on thibgs like throwing, dropping, flicking, holding etc…you know he actually rules instead of this hybrid, oh it’s for the look of the game Gaelic/Netball rules. (Although I don’t mind the dangerous tackle rule)


I’m glad this is getting discussed. Advantage should come back to the player who earned the free if it’s not favourable for the team. Unless it’s clear that the player/teammate chooses to play on.
To make it more clear the umpires should be calling the team who either earned or gave up the free upon whistle blowing. So many times the umpire has called a free and no one knows which teams free it is, the importance is not which player or why the free is payed. Seriously who cares if it’s high or in the back in the moment that can be discussed later, the result never changes.
Players are kicking/ running it away and not causing a 50 because the numbnut umpire hasn’t indicated which teams free it is.

It’s simple, call the team who either received or gave up the free and bring it back if it’s obviously not advantage.


It does happen often. Whether or not the umpires bother to watch for it is another matter entirely.


Also remember Clarko’s meeting with Gil when he complained about players shepherding on the mark (which he actually instigated a couple of years back). As every club started doing it they lost their advantage so after the meeting it was policed.

Except this week, it was back, blatant as, right in front of the umpire, should have been a free and a goal to us.


Could say the same thing about many rules. The point is that Hawthorn bleat and moan about it as if they are a special case and in doing so surely expect an advantage.

If they want to clear the rules up, how about all the other non and mis-decisions that went either way.


I hate Hawthorn but I like that a team, a body of the AFL is starting discussion and trying to improve the game.
Better than our coach with no opinion on anything. We need someone in our club questioning the status quo. We need to start becoming leaders of the AFL and push our agenda. We’re simply followers at the moment.


Really ■■■■■ me this stuff. Imagine is worsfold came out and said he wants the deliberate out of bounds rule cleared up as it could have cost us the game. Bombers would be roundly criticized for “blaming the umpires”


Um, we did something similar a few weeks back regarding the umpiring over half a season, rather than a single decision that could have “cost them the game”. Clarkson does it, it’s genius, Essendon does and we are unreasonable. Where is that status quo?


Not if he offers a sensible solution.
Buckley is a great example of someone who constantly starts a sentence and has no clue where it’s heading.



We went about it in the media the wrong way. Behind closed it may have been great but that hasn’t been disclosed.


Tell me how we went about it in the media, that is different from how Hawthorn have gone about it in the media?


Can the AFL also review the 50m penalty they missed for us, as well as all of the poor centre bounces that suddenly aren’t being recalled.


Hawthorn have been specific, singling out issues. We put the whole season on the table, it was overload. Unless you watch every Essendon game all you have is the stats of free kicks which we’re not even last in and a few handpicked examples.


Hard to be specific when there’s no consistency in the way your team is being umpired. And if the umpiring department aren’t watching every game that’s been played, let alone Essendon’s games, they are either incompetent or redundant - and they very well may be both.

Guess we’ll have to agree to disagree on this.


I would have targeted prior opportunity when we’ve tackled the player the whole 360 degrees. That one stands out to me. It also should’ve been done earlier because after a few weeks the way some of our players put up theirs arms (Smith, Stringer, Daniher) it turned into a boy who cried wolf situation.


the 360 degree spin therefore holding the ball free kick is gone. Imagine a free kick was paid every time it happens, it would slow the game too much for the AFLs liking, so they provide them every opportunity to dispose of the ball before a free kick is paid.

you could target it all you like but it would fall on deaf ears.


I wasn’t aware of that, is there a length of time they must dispose? If not then the issue is our tackling not getting them to ground or forcing the ball out their hands to create the free. And even then against Sydney Walla tackled Jones to ground, ball spills out recaptures it and then handballs. We’ve been dogged all year.


No not officially gone, but essentially it is


Damn gentlemen agreements.