Blatant cheating by umpires


I kinda understand if maybe you first hold the ball in, then dispose of it incorrectly in an attempt to get rid of it, but I agree with what youre saying, pay only one to avoid confusion, absolutely


If you dispose of the ball incorrectly you are deemed to be still in possession.
If you are in possession long enough it’s “HTB”, easy.


We changed nothing about the way we play. Nothing.

The “Get advice from the umpiring department” line was good marketing. It gave the AFL an option to stop screwing us without admitting they had screwed us.


that doesnt make any sense


Yes it does!


so if i throw the ball out of a pack, its incorrect disposal, so really a free kick should be paid then and there for incorrect disposal

but what youre saying is that if i throw the ball out of a pack, i am technically still in posession of the ball, and then how will the HTB free get paid against me?

i might be reading it wrong, but legit doesnt make any sense to me

the moment you incorrectly dispose of the ball, the free should be paid


I could do scenarios and role playing all day long.
It’s simple.
If you don’t dispose of the ball within the rules you are deemed to be holding the ball.

Bye now.


The reason why the incorrect disposal exists is because of the caveat on the rule whereby a player without prior opportunity only needs to make a genuine attempt to dispose of it to be given the benefit of the doubt. If you simply drop the ball though you’ve not made a genuine attempt, thus holding the ball “Incorrect disposal”.

It’s all an exercise in making what should be a very easy rule more complicated than it needs to be… but hey, that’s the AFL for you.


erm ok


We got a lot of " in the back frees "against Sydney usually a sign of being second to the ball.


I would like to thank those that tried to explain it to me… while admitting I still think it’s silly.


Except for the Melbourne games, because it’s a great story in the everybody gets a premiership cup league.


Margetts has been dumped for this round of finals for his mistakes, especially the non-free against Greene.