Blatant cheating by umpires


The Cox one was hilariously bad. Hooker marked the fkg ball and outbodied him. Fkg Cox is a protected species, reckon he had 4 free kicks for next to nothing before 3qtr time when we as a team only had 8 or 9. So ridiculously biased today. Even the pies bloke sitting next to be said they got lucky today.


No he didn’t. He said that the supporters were passionate and had seen something that clearly upset them!
Translation: they saw the umpires murder our chances to win and reacted accordingly. Why didn’t he just say this? Because the AFL would have fined him heavily for commenting on umpire performance!!!


The fkg Stephenson throw that preceded the Brown free kick was the case in point.


Totally agree.
I’ve just had this argument already with a number of Collingwood supporters!


As with any game where the umpiring is highlighted as particularly bad there will zero accountability.

We will get the stock standard “nothing to ser here folks” response from AFL House


Concur mate

But will get ignored in the wash up cause he missed and Guelfi didn’t


Did he say that? That’s much better. I hope the club take it a step further and announce they are making a formal complaint (not that it will achieve anything). And they had better not apologise!


I mentioned it in the other thread, but would love it if someone tech savy made an edit of all the disgraceful decisions/non decisions today to go viral


All year ive been noticing that holding the ball has been ridiculously adjudicated.

They have obviously been told not to pay it.

The AFL needs to make an adjustment immediately.

Its against the spirit of how Ive know footy to operate since the Primary School yard.

A great tackle is a spectacular part of the game and they currently dont give a flying fark to pay it due to some bullshit instruction from some AFL (Hocking?) official.

The bullshit they do pay though. Fark me dead.

They have ■■■■■■ this sport.

Leave it alone and they way its always been you fark heads.


We booed Pendles when he thanked the supporters.

The integrity dept of the AFL is going to come down on us like a ton of bricks. You cannot boo Ablett and Pendles.

Get a load of this Hocking, the fans pay the money and watch the TV, they are customers and ustomers are always right.


I think the AFL will be keen for it to all become yesterdays news.

They criticise the crowd and the spot light somewhere will come back on the umps.

The AFL doesnt want poor umpiring as much as they dont want umps criticised.

I would say behind closed doors there will be a lot of heat on the umpiring dept at AFL house. The umps lost it today.


Mate I started to do that about 15 years ago and got howled down for it.

Here’s an example from back in the day. First, how they punish innocuous EFC tackles, then how they ignore blatant infringements against us:


i remember that Brizzy game. was genuinely putird. McKenna got pinged for holding the ball for bouncing it while a Brisbane player literally tapped him with his hand.


Pig’s ■■■■. The maggots delivered exactly the result that the AFL executive told them to do.


I’ll give you a slab if you do it for today’s game


Get me an invite to “Estonia” so I can edit the video. Or send me a PM if you have a recording.


Sorry don’t have one!


Who was it that ran down Moore, missed kick, dropped the ball, called play on? Later, Heppell got buried in the back, that one was called holding the footy.

Some astonishing ‘decisions’ today. Beyond belief, actually.


Shame on anyone that boos a champion… Lol. Weren’t booing you Bucks if that’s what you were inferring!
Worst umpired game ever. That was cheating…Didn’t feel right today. Did Eddie pull out the cheque book? Who’d know?
The upside is that we’ve got the measure of these ■■■■■■.


If you thought that was bad, what about when Cox was shepherding 30 metres off the ball in the last quarter when he stood in front of Hooker with his arms around him facing back towards his goal to stop him spoiling a Collingwood mark. Even the commentators said it was a classic basketball shepherd.