Blatant cheating by umpires


Disgusting umpiring, I feel fkn sick. I was to shank the ■■■■■■■ who was in charge of those non calls. How can you be so bad and inconsistent at your job?


A lot of money bet on this game. I can’t believe the AFL Integrity Unit hasn’t looked into these manipulated results :money_mouth_face:


This thread has the wrong title. Of course it wasn’t cheating by the umps. It was plain incompetence! It should NOT happen in any game, especially one as high-profile as Anzac Day.




Curious how the umpires incompetence always seems to favour Eddies mob.






Can someone interpret AT’s posts re umpires for me? I’ve never been able to understand what he is trying to say, as the language he uses is far too subtle and nuanced for me.
Is he saying he loves umpires? Is he dating an umpire? Or is he telling us they are a sub-human species?


It’s stuffed my tipping up.
Had correct points margin in tigers game.
And most ppl tipped pies in my comp.
Might have won the round. And some $$


Lol. The AFL included 2 or 3 umpires mistakes in the so called “highlights” package.


I was equal first but back to the pack now as all but one other person tipped essendon.


I’m sick of hearing ‘the umpires have a hard job with all the rule changes’.

Holding the ball rule hasn’t changed in 30 years… neither has the ‘too high’ rule. Stop making excuses.


That was unfarking beleivible. BT was praising him for it.


Would be a short highlight video if they tried not to show àny.


Not sure about that.
Last years GF didn’t end so well.
A Grand Final!!!


That was atrocious.

I made the comment in the match day thread, if they’re saying that’s OK, boy are they going to see some terrible fat idiots getting a game just to hold onto intercept defenders 100% of the game.

Pissweak umpiring by umpires who simply do not know the rules.

15.4.5 Prohibited Contact and Payment of Free Kick
A field Umpire shall award a Free Kick against a Player where they
are satisfied that the Player has made Prohibited Contact with an
opposition Player.
© holds an opposition Player who is not in possession
of the football;
(d) unduly pushes, bumps, blocks, holds an opposition Player or
deliberately interferes with the arms of an opposition Player,
who is in the act of Marking or attempting to Mark the football;
(e) pushes, bumps, holds or blocks an opposition Player when the
football is further than 5 metres away from the opposition
Player or is out of play;

Take your pick!


After two of the worst stitch ups by the maggots in history in only three weeks - and interspersed with the AFL allowing GAJ to go around with impunity elbowing people like Shiel in the head - the threads from these events should be linked to this one for easier future reference.

So the following is presented as a community service:

Anzac Day debacle - maggots win the day with the most sustained display of cheating in history (Yes, this IS a big call). Follow from this post:

The maggots give the game to Snydey by refusing to pay the most obvious free kick in history - and one of the very few that is black-and-white, so not open to maggotry (mis)interpretations. Follow from this post and see an AFL player emulating King Kong with the maggot doing the Faye Wray (or at least, “a little girl”) part:


Now, we rob ourselves.


I wonder what will be in store for us tonight??


My customary Beer & Cheese Kransky.