Blatant cheating by umpires


I know that Essendon supporters are upset with the umpiring right now, but we still have our game against the Eagles in WA coming up, so please reserve some anger for that game.


Considering Freo will have approximately 3 and a half fans in attendance, tonight will reveal whether or not there is an actual AFL conspiracy afoot.


Omfg if I get through that I’ll get through anything


So 3 in yellow, and a halfwit in the crowd?


You know system is corrupt when the media jokingly says “every interstate club needs to accept that they will get reemed by the umpires in Perth.”


But it’s only west coke games, can’t say I feel the same about games against dockers.


Melbourne were absolutely screwed by the umpires in Perth last night.
First and last quarters mainly. That DeMargetts (cbf looking up spelling) should not be allowed near a WC game (or any other).
Typically, he checked the scoreboard with 2 mins left and saw WC had an unassailable lead, and gave a 50m penalty to Melbourne, just to balance the ledger a bit, as you do when the game is all over.


Withdrawn by author


At it again tonight !


Blatant is a strong word

Entirely valid, but strong


■■■■■■■ nichols knew he’d overcooked it with that biased call

looks like an old man’s sweaty testicle


Its not cheating. Ive watched a few games this weekend, its been equally as bad

Their just really bad


Freo kick 5 goals for the game before they get gifted three (two in the goal square) in five minutes?

Cheating. Plain and simple


And consistently bad against us


I was half expecting some one in the crowd to bum-rush Nicholls


Not one person that watches and enjoys football understands the rules. Not one
The AFL are destroying Australian Rules Football


Fixed it for you


And here we are again.


All the commentators are laughing at those decisions, saying they’ll be ticked off as correct.

They’re as cynical about it as we are.


Jetta has been suspended for an incident that Margetts didn’t penalise from 5 metres away.