Blatant cheating by umpires


Umpires dont understand the rules. Players dont understand the rules. Coaches dont understand the rules.

Fans definitely dont understand the rules.

Yeah, there is a problem alright. It’s not an enjoyable game to watch anymore.


horrible. atrocious. diabolically ■■■■. this umpiring is out of control. we got some rubbish calls go our way too, don’t worry about that.


That’s the problem, some of those calls against Freo were absolutely ■■■■■■■ disgusting.


The one against Langford was there. The other two a disgrace. Compitition is hard enough as it is. If those frees are not paid we win by 30 plus. Gives the op a sniff.

Comments people make saying if we are good enough we will win regardless. Is the biggest crock of ■■■■ in a close competition.

They have a huge influence games


The Redman one was 50/50. Hand in face versus front on molestation.

With the Hurls one, when watching I real time, as soon as he took his eyes off the ball I thought uh oh. It was soft as fark and considering the whistle usually goes away in the tight ones it ■■■■■■ me orf.


This just in ‘AFL says all decisions were 100% right and you should shut up Cos you’re wrong’


Absolute joke. They are taking the pi55 now.


Rubbish. The Redman one was 0/100. Straight out wrong and everyone but you knows it.

Hogan was about 5% there but if you pay that, you pay 250 a week.


Redman was pretty demonstrative.


I didn’t think hurls touched him to be honest and he did take his eyes off the ball for a split second before looking at the ball again…that gets called play on 99.9% of the time
Joey would kick 10 points a game if he got free kicks like that

Redman one, why bother being the guy that plays the ball anymore…protect the ball player is their motto. He was the only one with his eyes on the ball, therefore the only one playing the ball


:laughing: Well played!

But an extra few OOF you forgot to mention


Righto settle down.


They need to be held accountable for those last two howlers


Um no. Just no.
The Redman one was 100% indisputably wrong. Redman was the only one with his eyes on the ball. Walters with his back to the ball makes front on contact to Redman, who subsequently contacts Walters high after being pushed off balance.
The player not watching the ball gives away the free kick every ■■■■■■■ time in those contests and so they should. But not this time.


They need to be held accountable for the Anzac Day disgrace, letting Rampe off the hook, and for that bullshit tonight.


They need to ■■■■ off.


I wondered how we would fare tonight. Those two fees against us in the goal square were a joke.

It’s becoming a pattern.


That is also how l saw it. l was non-plussed what the free kick to Waters was for, other than for being an utter disgraceful decision. Redman was on the wrong end of 2 really bad decisions tonight. That last one was just flat out wrong. The chumps level of incompetence is truly breath taking.


It wasn’t just those two decisions.

Every second handball is a throw or a hand off or ‘Drop’ or spill out in the right direction.

HTB is a wheel of fortune stuff.
Sheparding and chopping arms in defensive marking contests is wheel of fortune.

Front on contact is not paid anymore.


The free was for blocking, not high contact.