Blatant cheating by umpires


Wonder who he blocked then. A ghost? Just a chip kick that went too far and Redman took a clear, clean mark.


You know the free was for blocking and not high contact.

Either way it was not a free kick to Walters. No 50/50 about it.

But I guess the AFL wants umpires to make decisions based on the vibe and feel, they obviously felt the finish needed to be a close one. Hence, the two nonsense free kicks in the goal square to get Freo back in it.


Nope. I did not know that. I thought it was for high contact.

In that case cheating @#$&^ing umps!


■■■■ me, that’s even worse, eyes on the footy, running back with the flight of it, makes a genuine marking attempt and got both hands to the ball… blocking!? Blocking on the player who was not watching the footy!?


Umpires try this…
ONLY make a decision if you are absolutely sure that you saw something completely clearly.


That baldy umpire is worse than Eleni.


And even the high contact would not have been there had not Walters lowered his head during his front-on tackle. Farking cheating maggots.


If anyone has a tape of the last 10 minutes of the Collingwood Sydney and Fremantle games when Essendon was leading, how many free kicks were paid in scoring range to the opposition.


Should’ve just warned him.


We weren’t leading in the last 10 minutes against either Sydney or Collingwood


The umpires were at it again… a definite pattern.

How unfortunate are we that the rub of the green seems to be against us again… just saying.


The Redman one was definitely for high contact, I saw the gesture from the umpire. And he did grab Walters around the neck with his right hand, but only after he lost balance when Walters pushed him front on while not facing the ball. Disgraceful decision.



There is a chart somewhere that shows him to be the most biased against us of all the umpires. I have it somewhere.


Yeah I shouldn’t have said 50/50.

When I saw the replay the high contact was fairly noticeable and I could see the way the umps review would paint it that way. Because let’s face it. They can do no wrong.

I’m feeling like I’ve been brain washed by these ■■■■■■. I don’t look for the correct decision, I look at how the AFL will explain it.


The umpires go from bad to worse as the game goes on.


I still maintain that Matthew Nichols is far to incompetent to be actively biased against us, or any single team. He is terrible. Should never have umpired again after ‘not hearing’ the siren, yet his managed to umpire a ■■■■■■■ Grand Final. Stain on the game.


Watching from the ground…Langford got a handball out which was blocked. Then both the Freo players landed on his back.

If it was two Essendon players tackling in the same manner, it would have been a free against them. Then umpires department will be telling us how the player got a handball out and get technical with us.



Razor Ray does it to all teams. But the bald ■■■■ hates us.


We’ve now become good at this too. I hate it, it’s playing hot potato and of course once it was allowed every team has taken it to the limit. Closed fist punching in congestion is dead and it looks terrible.
The flick throws over the shoulder weren’t allowed only a year or two back (except for a couple of umpire darlings), but now that’s given free reign too. That’s why it was shocking the scoop Walla did was paid against him. It was there, but was penalised as it wasn’t an act of clearing congestion as the AFL so desperately wants.


only one had eyes for the ball…cost us a goal…that umpire is a cant through and through