Blatant cheating by umpires


I think it was in the 1st qtr when Freo had a mark/free & JD was standing next to him opponent about 5-10m from the kicker. You could see Nicholls just waiting for JD to move an inch & he couldn’t pay a 50m penalty quick enough. He is a deadset cheating kent!


He actually yelled play on then blew the whistle. I haerd it from my seat.


Hey @dambuster. Robbo agrees with us. It just goes to show how wrong we were if he’s on board. :joy:


He completely contradicts himself.

Hurley one - was there as Hurley took his eyes off the ball.
Walters one - doesn’t mention the fact Walters took his eyes off the ball and made contact.

The guy is an idiot.


I actually stated after the final siren just to boo the umpires. Didnt even sing the song, just booed.


You usually sing the song to the umpires?


Razor Ray gave another ump a bit of spray.


Biggest issue is he didn’t mention how audible the “bullshit” chant was through the TV.


Have another pie robbo you wanker.


I am reasonably tolerant with the umpiring, and I think it rarely affects the result. 50/50 calls I tend to let go, and not get bitter about it.

The Walters one though completely baffled me. For the life of me, I can’t figure out how Redman offended in anyway. He did everything right. Any high contact was negligible. Essendon should rightfully ask for a ‘please explain’ on that one.


Whilst Walters is a good player, he’s also a diver and sook.

Watching the game you can see him accentuate contact, and even lay motionless for a few moments after almost every hit he takes.

It’s embarrassing, but eventually they were going to pay one of them.


Yeah there were a lot of head down moments for him. It frustrates the hell out of me. Yet Walla gets his head ripped off 3 times on Anzac day and it’s nothing to see here.


If we had a flawless robot umpire with no bias, the Langford one was 50-50 for me, Hurley may 1 in 10 and Redman 1 in a million. They scored the last 3 goals from free kicks inside 50. The levelling up of games is becoming so consistent its mind blowing. I will have to recreate my graphs from last year which showed nicholls.

That being said, I watched the Melbourne - Eagles game and holy ■■■■. I have shown before that Margetts is the most biased umpire in the country and it was on show again. That Tim Smith decision was up there with postgate and anzac day. 1. He had stopped so if he was tackled, common sense is a ball up, 2. He got dumped on his head, for absolutely no reason as both players started standing and he had him cold - so free kick to Smith 30m out. Nope, HTB and an eagles goal.


Plus the Eagles momentum changing goal coming from a clear throw!!

Dogs got absolutely pantsed by the umps vs Geelong too.

We aren’t being singled out by the AFL, umpiring is just atrocious.


If it was for blocking then it is utterly inexplicable.

Redman made contact with the footy didn’t he?


and then oliver getting pinged for a throw which was not as bad as the eagles one. It was a shambles. Almost felt sorry for them.




I think this is yours, @TrevorBix ?


Is there an order of offence?

What happens if someone makes front on contact and cops a arm in the face for their efforts?

Is it always the offence that is committed first that gets pinged? Or is there a ranking system?

It’s chaos…


It’s based on whatever offence the ump sees first, unless the ump deliberately overlooks the first offence in favour of the one that doesn’t favour EFC.