Blatant cheating by umpires


Cant wait to see what happens tonight…


Here’s your answer Humble


Would like to see another angle to see if that was also a headbutt.

Outcome: he’s fined, but it was worth it as it cost us the goal.


TBC has eyes only for the ball, Lynch only has eyes on TBC and attempts to take him out of the contest with a front on shoulder charge. Umpires have always paid a free in this scenario to the ruckman making the ball his objective, but have now introduced the ‘Essendon’ rule to pay the free for the second rule infraction. Just like Redman in the goal square against Freo.


Spot on.


Oh god, had just got back from the loo so I missed that it was a Richmond free originally and just figured Cale had gotten our clear free reversed… wow.


What a ■■■■■■■ cheating ■■■■. That’s a farking clear as day please explain to the AFL umpiring department


The free kick was not reversed. The original free was paid to lynch for high contact in the ruck contest against bellchambers. Hooker was then penalised for pushing lynch to the ground.
That was the worst umpiring decision I have ever seen. Lynch charged bellchambers with an intent to hurt him to stop his dominance and the ump 3 metres away not only says no problem but I’ll give you a free kick.
I don’t take Albert Thurgood and the rest of you seriously who think there is a conspiracy of deliberate bias against us, but the umpiring this year certainly is strong support for your view.


The umpiring didn’t favour anyone it was just awful


The umpiring was a disgrace. The only people that had less idea about wet weather football than the EFC players, was the Umpires.

But the 3 bullsh*t free kicks to Richmond in front of goal, was also nothing short of pathetic.


It doesn’t make any sense. The ump is standing right there, sees the Richmond player charge at Bellchambers and pays it to him. This is why people call conspiracy, it’s the only thing you can think of to justify such flogish fuckwittery from that yellow maggot ■■■■. They umpire worse than how EFC play.


To be fair, this decision was ENTIRELY consistent with the Nicholls one against Redman for being speared by a guy with his back to the ball.


Given how many deliberate OOB’s were called last night, I am certain there was some sort of, at minimum a discussion, if not a mandate, prior to the game.

-edit- Only one other sport in the world has a penalty that’s arbitrarily given based on a player’s intentions (NFL, intentional grounding, let go about 99.999% of the time). It’s a stupid rule and needs to go.

-edit2- In fact, in NFL in the late stages of a close game it’s a common strategy for the QB to spike the ball to stop the clock (ie: literally intentional grounding) but they let that go because no one cares


Funny thing was they still missed some REALLY obvious ones, like the back-handed tap over the line in the Punt Road end pocket.


Yep, that one was an absolute certainty.

The rule should remove “intention” from it and be replaced with a “direct OOB” rule. So if you go directly to the boundary, or away from your goal, then it’s paid. Let players just knock it forward a bit if they want to mask it, who cares.


It’s honestly the stupidest ■■■■■■■ thing in this sport that the first decision of the game “sets the standard.” Why is it so unthinkable that the next decision after the first could correct the precedent set and implicitly admit the decision was wrong?

It’s just so bizarre that one red hot deliberate means an entire rule is ■■■■■■ for the whole match. It’s not like it changes week to week or game to game (mostly, anyway…), so you’re just effectively ruining one match because some Umpire got excited in the 6th minute of the first quarter.


Another mistake imo was a htb against Saad when bouncing. He got a handball off virtually immediately and while people think any light touch between a bounce and the retrieval of the ball is HTB, it’s not what the rule says. He has equal time to dispose as if he hadn’t bounced.


To be fair, the precedent for that is “fark Conor and fark Essendon, that’s why”.


The Htb against ibthink it was Ambrose was a shocker. Gets the ball, braces for immediate contact, makes an attempt to get rid of it and is pinged.


Told you all #2 Nick Foot is a Richmond loving Essendon hating cheat.