Blatant cheating by umpires


there should be a royal commission…I’m sick of being cleaned up by these cants every weekend,

I reckon they have cost us at least 2 games…there is definately some sort of directive from the boys club man because surely they cant be that bad.


Only the umpires could make consistency a bad thing.


but still people try to tell me umpires have no influence on the outcome of games !!!


exactly !!


Apparently leigh Fisher paid 15 frees to the saints and 3 to carlton on the weekend

Thats former saints player Leigh Fisher. Nothing to see here.

Fark carlton


Fark. That’s horrifically biased.


one of our old players (cant remember his name because he was a cant) cleaned us up every time he umpired us…so I’m not sure your argument holds.


Mark fraser?


I remember Fraser as a good ump who was kicked out because he couldn’t bounce the ball?

Maybe you’re recalling Jordan Bannister, who had a bit of Fark Carlton stink on him?


The 50 against Redman was worse. The controlling umpire called play on, non-controlling called a free kick (behind redman). How was he to know?

They are the lowest form of humanity these umpires. It is the easiest job and they ■■■■ it up every time.






They stuff it up often enough and I’d like them to do better - and whinge when they get it wrong - but it’s absolutely not easy.


Two bob each way, eh ewok ?


Nah I still think you’re all crackers. It’s just this year’s terrible umpiring appears to have cost us 2 wins, so I’m conceding some of you paranoid types would be feeling even moreso.


yep…thats him


That’s very harsh. I know one and he is great bloke. He will not even bother with trying to make a career in it with the AFL. Has turned offers to be in their “pathways”
Reckons the AFL dumb and confuse the ■■■■ out of the umpires with their rules and interpretations. He reckons HTB should be the one of the easiest rules to officate but the AFL complicate it and make impossible and confusing for he umpires.
He was absolutely dumb founded by the bellchambers one, only explanation was that the AFL umpires are taught to pay the “worse”, of the two free kicks. Which is staggering FWIW he would have paid the ruck infringement.


Incidental contact to the head because you got pushed out of the contest. I have never been more baffled in my life.

Not to mention the HTB against Zaka when he got his handball away when the game was back on in the last - funny those exact ones were play on against Collingwood.

So confusing.


Have the wAnkFL ticked off the decision to pay that free kick to lynch, or will they stay silent on that one? Lynch should’ve been reported for a shoulder charge with the intent to break ribs.


They way he carries on as a player and pseudo tough guy shows how much of a flog he is.