Blatant cheating by umpires



It’s amazing how quickly tactical planning evolves. We’ve come a long way just from basic stick figures.


Friend sent it to me. The teacher asked students to do a political cartoon.


Love it!


Kids are smarter than the umpires.


Needs more violence. My son drew this one a while back


This weekend is

4 Justin Power
9 Matt Stevic
32 Jacob Mollison


Thought we got the rub of the green this week for a change.


Yeah it was pretty good. Although a couple of the HTB decisions were inconsistent with the way they explained the anzac day ones.


One of the better umpired games for the year.

No obvious howlers either way.


I think Carlton would disagree.


Who cares what they think? Nobody here, that’s for sure!


would you say… fark carlton?


I only got home half an hour after the game finished yesterday, and first thing I saw on TV was the beginning of the third quarter of the WCE vs WB game. Trengove against Kennedy and Ryan (might have been Rioli) ran straight into Trengove way off the ball allowing Kennedy an easy mark and goal.

Not even a thought of a blocking free kick, while Hurley gets pinged in the goal square for a minor touch on Hogan in the goalsquare a fortnight back.

It’s terrible the way they’re so incredibly inconsistent on this one…and yes, Dom Sheed should not have had that mark and goal in the GF last year. Darling may well have marked that one a minute or two later if they were still behind so I’m not prepared to say it cost them the game.


Oh oh oh, and TIPPA being shepherded 15 metres away from the man he was chasing.

The distance allowed to do that is very black-and-white.

Must have been a “pragmatic” decision.


Carlton supporter ejected from stadium for calling umpire balled headed flog.


I can’t see this being an effective tactic


Big Brother AFL is watching you.


Obviously Nicholls hates having his head being called balled.


That’s why suppporters are always yelling balllllllllllled