Blatant cheating by umpires


Ol’ Liz Lukin would have stopped the AFL going Full Streisand. Never go Full Streisand.


Geelong are the best at it. Watch them block all game every game they have made an art form out of it. And never get pinged for it.


This league is ridiculous.


Free kicks:

Adelaide 24, GWS 7




“They’ve made me wait half an hour for an AFL integrity officer to come and take a photo of myself and my membership“



Yes but most frees were there


Although they could have paid a few more to gws but i thought generally they were ok


So now the AFL has the power to detain people?


Talk about overkill

Fair enough any racism shouldn’t be tolerated but this is ridiculous

Umpires need to stop being so precious and the AFL surely are kidding themselves detaining this bloke and ejecting him


If you don’t want to be called a balled headed flogg, perhaps you should stop being one?


Gil says the afl is not aware of any crackdown. Just happened to have an AFL integrity officer with a camera on standby. Can’t believe this is not a bigger story


The AFL should maybe check twitter and…become aware of it?


So this umpire will now get booed by everyone…


Gil is just ‘nuancing’.
He likes ‘nuancing’.
It’s his way of saying he isn’t lying.


Did they check where Mason Redman was at the time. I bet Nicholls was called worse than that when he pulled THAT free out of his freckle against Freo…right in front of the cheer squad and Grog Squad.


Nicholls probably couldn’t hear them over the earphone messages of congratulations coming in from AFL House.


Boo him but please refrain from calling him a bald headed flog.


Cool, I’ll just be calling him a ■■■■ when I go next time.


Flog vs Poof