Blatant cheating by umpires


So being blind doesn’t actually improve your hearing



Why do you think I took up cricket umpiring?


Let me see if I have this right.
Criticising umpiring decisions is still ok, but you have to do it respectfully.
Calling him a flog is ok, but a p##f is not ok.
So there is a hierarchy of rude/nasty terms that determines what is allowed?
So we are expected to vent by calling
“That’s holding the ball, you particularly handsome chap”
I think that is how they want it to go.


I personally believe this drama could have been avoided if Nichols only wore a wig.


On ANZAC day the maggots copped a lot worse than ‘bald flog’ from me… and those around me.


Proving that Rex Hunt is not a forgotten man?


One good way to be remembered fondly is make sure you have a complete and utter idiot replace you.


That was the policy used by Tiberius.

(edit: for those who don’t know history, that was about 2,000 years ago).


This is a good start - Throw out a few more and you’ll have a better crowd.


Surely saying ya Maggot is ok.

I mean unless the vegans start jumping up and down about fly larvaes rights?


On second thoughts… Some of our umpires do embarrass baby flies.


Needs to be last game Nicholls is allowed near then, if he’s become this sensitive as a poorly performing afl umpire, time to retire


The AFL clamping down on booing/abusing umps etc is hiding the real issue. Ie the cause is terrible rules, too many umpires and inconsistency. Its rubbish.

Be strong on the cause not the result.

Perhaps a bit like leaving Eddie Macguire in the media after calling Adam Goodes King Kong or giving brownlow medallist a free run at being hmm slightly dirty(hello Gary/Nathan) and wondering why pork chops think that was a green light to light up in the crowd.



Would of thought the first thing you need to learn with umpiring AFL is that you can’t be too thinned skinned.
This is pathetic what happened to this fan.


They get paid a lot of money too. Nicholls has just made it so much worse for himself. Players cop so much worse and you don’t see too many of them complaining


Gil does it so well he doesn’t even know when he’s doing it. He has become the big lie.


Nicholls is dating Margetts…a “nuanced” relationship made in AFL heaven.


Calling him a poof is not on.
Calling him a ■■■■■■■ spud who is a dud and his family would be ashamed to call him dad is ok


There’s the whole elephant in the room that nobody has addressed. Much appreciated and thanks in advance.


Does Elani come under for that shocking free kick ahead paid to Carlton?