Blatant cheating by umpires


Jeremy Howe’s non mark today? Thoughts?

My thoughts are the competition’s farked.


Calling the umpires maggots is very disrespectful…to maggots.


Maybe not the competition as such. But the umpiring is at a deplorable standard and Gill and the AwFuL over-reacting and trying to ‘protect’ the umpires makes the situation worse. If the umpiring was better we wouldn’t have this draconian reaction. Abusing umpires is, after all, part of our game.


Howe’s looked like the reason why the rule was brought in - he turned up his stops to push the guy away. Compare that to Smith’s earlier in the year when there was no contact & Howe’s is far more blatant. I think this is a case where you can argue against the rule (like the contact below the knees) but not in the umpires decision to enforce it.


Yeah you’re right about the umps call.

I’m just frustrated that he’s flown for the mark like hundreds of people before him and now it’s not paid.

Toby Greene was standing on the ground karate kicking people in the back when the rule was brought in.


Like everything it starts out trying to address 1 specific incident or player but has wider implications. I actually don’t mind this one, like in soccer, studs up is a foul & can often result in red cards. If you lift your leg out & fend off with the bottom of your boots then I don’t mind it being paid against you even though its another “interpretation” that can & will be used against us. Already Smith was paid against when there was no contact & Myers had facial reconstruction from what i thought was the exact reason the rule was brought in.


Yeah but if he’s stuck his knee in his kidney and killed him it would not have been a free.

The rule needs clarification because it was not intended that that action would be a free


If you clarify it any further it becomes like every other rule… grey.




The current crop of umpires are so poor that they are most likely using an alias because they don’t want to embarrass their families even further. But kudos to the AFL to be able to fund the 20 most dumbest humans on the planet.

Go back to having the two captains being umpires, will add more integrity than what these maggots could ever bring up.


Hang on. Have the changed the rule to say you can’t protect yourself with a boot out when flying for a mark?


They made a change for this year, which is why Myers didn’t get a free when that lanky bloke from Brisbane tore Myers face open with his studs.


:+1: :grin:


Or they just got that wrong.

There must be dozens of marks involving studs in the back this year, not penalised.


Tossed up whether to post this here or the PC thread. Think it belongs here as it’s for footy umpires

# Politically-correct insults suitable for an AFL umpire in 2019

Mitchell Toy , Herald Sun
June 11, 2019 8:56pm
Subscriber only

If you’re the sort of person to get up and yell at the footy umpire without even a trigger warning, this is for you.

Here are 20 woke, anti-maggophobic comments you are politically permitted to make at the footy.

1. If you require the use of a trained canine as visual aide, you have my full support.

2. Your whistle is presently in no danger of being overused.

3. I have had respectful, consensual relations with a member of your immediate family.

4. I believe your talents might best be applied in a different field of work.

5. Although I do not presume your gender, I observe your follicles are sparse.

6. It is wonderful to see tolerance of all levels of intellect in umpire hiring policy.

7. While sleep is important for mental health, you should reconsider doing it during play.

8. Age is clearly no indication of ability because my grandparent could make a boundary throw like that.

9. Congratulations on embracing a fluid definition of 15m.

10. It is human to make mistakes and you are really, really human.

11. Your outward appearance doesn’t reflect who you are inside. If you are an opposition player on the inside, please let us know.

12. How brave of you to identify as a goal umpire.

13. Your success in your chosen field, despite your obvious lack of education, is truly inspirational.

14. While your patronage of the safe injecting room is encouraged, it is not advisable to visit immediately prior to a match.

15. It is great to see you shunning outdated body image expectations around weight.

16. How shameful for the AFL not to provide you with a rule book in Braille.

17. I trust your decision not to call ‘holding the man’ is a silent protest against the patriarchy.

18. Proposed laws legalising marijuana will undoubtedly help me understand your decisions.

19. Thank you for prompting me to challenge my prejudices about what is and isn’t a handball.

20. As a fan of inclusiveness, I welcome your application of netball rules to this match.

(no link behind a paywall)


Personally I prefer “Nicholls, you’re a bald headed flog”

100% descriptive and accurate.


How about:

Nicholls, you are useless.
Yeah, good on ya Ray you pissant
You’re a cheat (this can be directed at any umpire at any one time)


nothing will probably ever compare to the depths of despair that was season 2013, but competition wide, this has got to be the worst season i can remember in the AFL.


I don’t think there has ever been such widespread disgruntlement as we’re seeing now. You go on social media and it’s fans of every club giving to the afl and the umpires. But how can anyone not be restless, 50m penalties for throwing grass, clowns climbing goalposts, ablett’s free passes from the tribunal, every tackle judged differently… it’s appalling

And with this we see frustration rising, increased violence at games a result? May be drawing a bow on that but cracking down and kicking out frustrated fans surely isn’t the answer


I’ve said it before - the commision really need to get their ■■■■ together and simplify how the game is umpired before we get to ground-invasion stage. And it will happen. If you’ve been to the footy, the mood is different from the past. People are becoming increasingly incensed to a degree I haven’t seen before, over umpire decisions. There has always been dissent, but this is something different, and i reckon umpires are as confused as everyone else. I’ve not been an AFL commision supporter in the past, but these last groups in charge have been ■■■■■■■ woeful and need to be rooted out of OUR game. Go play your ■■■■■■■ polo you ■■■■■■■ wankers.