Blitz Jam Day

A Blitz band hey?
The Rolling Groans?


Haven’t played in nearly twenty years, my voice has deteriorated badly, and I was rubbish to begin with. But jam nights are fun.

Also, strawberry in winter, apricot in summer.


I would never perform an act so heinous and reprehensible as to omit a “g”.

Death metal?

I can’t even roll !

Bomb crater?

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Version of “Roll Out the Barrel”

Only if we can play Anthony McDonald Tipungwuti several times, possibly in different music genres each time to spice it up.

Oh, and I played guitar and sang plenty growing up. Have a collection of guitars largely gathering dust so it would be fun to have a play.

It’s mostly ukulele and wiggles songs learnt to entertain my young son these days. Miles away from the rock bands, punk rock and metal played when younger.

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I’ve always wanted to know what the Jam was in jam donuts, as it doesnt have the same consistency as regular store bought jams. I read somewhere that it was a strawberry flavouring combined with apple sauce. I found this interesting and tried to replicate it. Texture was right, but i was unable to replicate the flavour.

2nd jam related statement, all supermarkets used to sell jam fairy cakes, now i cant find them anywhere. I love a jam fairy cake and the not being able to find any has made me sad.

Regarding musical Jam, i play keyboards and mostly write trance and orchestral film soundtrack music so would probs have little to add to a blitz music jam day. Cool idea though.

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I sing badly and with a much less desirable accent.

Need a drummer?

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Everybody needs a drummer

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I can’t supply any gear, but if the time and place suits I can roadie\stagehand\mix.

Again: what would you know m8?

In this day and age of pandemics, I’m happy to Zoom in on vocal😂



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That’s obviously getting around; my mother posted that on Facebook.

Yeah how do you do ‘stuck in the middle with you’ or ‘Honky Tonk Woman’ with no cowbell?

Jam session might be too hard to organise and not suited for scratchy chord strummers like me who’ve never played with anyone. Maybe we can send clips off the phone of solo efforts to someone who knows how to upload them? Might be good for a few laughs?

Always need more cowbell every song