Blitz Metalhead Thread


Such a German.


Ok. You’ve sold me on the new obituary will check it out.

Also taking my interest is bolt thrower junior, think I might have to get this as well:


Yeah, I think that comes out next week, or maybe this week. I’ll definitely check it out, there’s been no new bolt thrower material for at least a decade I’m sure

Edit: it does indeed say the 24th March at the end of the clip. It sounds no different to bolt thrower to me, although his voice is a bit more gruff.

I look forward to seeing them live, as I never got to see Bolt Thrower and they were a band that I really wanted to check out. They play a few Bolt Thrower songs looking at previous set lists, so that will be cool. They are also at summerbreeze this year


Saw, Bolt Thrower, in the 90’s. Was a great gig. Small gig - I think at the Sarah Sands - mate and me were right at the front. Hi fived Karl Willetts many times.


1993 at the Prince of Wales with Armoured Angel. I remember stage diving getting poked in the eye which pushed my contact lens into my skull, fun times!


That’s right. I actually found a flyer for the gig recently when I was moving house. Pretty sad to see what the POW has become today.


This Memoriam album is really good, definitely a purchase. I’m listening to it a lot more than the Obituary album.

New Warbringer drops tomorrow, the one track that I’ve heard sounds promising:


Also, give this a listen if you get the chance:

“Shoegaze” album, sung entirely in Turkish. I think it’s a really good release.


New Mastodon album released today, Emperor of Sand.


Kreator touring oz in September with Vader as support. ■■■■ YES!!!


Nice. Easily one of the best bands I’ve seen live.

I’ll be seeing them here in August :slight_smile:


Im not a huge Metalcore fan, but I reckon the new While She Sleeps album is top notch. Well worth a listen imo.


this weekend


I used to love The Key back in the day. The lyrics were corny as they come but still fun.


I like it, but whats with the drum sound? really muffled and muted.


I think that’s pretty typical of the shoegaze or as same say blackgaze sound. Alcest is the first band that started this sound, I wouldn’t say they are a copy, but it’s a genre that is starting to gain in popularity. Usually the vocals are very muted also, kind of get drowned out in the sound. Only the male vocals in this case.


Elder’s new album, Reflections of a Floating World is superb. You all need it in your lives.


Yeah, was discussing it in the “Music You’ve been Listening To” thread. It’s a good album, and I’ll need to give it more listens to see how great it is… and I need to delve into their back catalogue too


All their heavy psych goodness


Nice. I’ve been a fan for a few years. This is pretty similar to their last record, Lore, which was also very good. I think this is slightly better.

I’ve been jamming the new album by the band, '68, today. It’s pretty eclectic but it has an awesome energy.