Blitz Metalhead Thread


Amon Amarth! In some concerts there is even Viking Battles!


Thanks for this. Listened to about 3 or 4 seconds before I knew I would like it. Have bought it.

Edit: it’s been a long time since I’ve been this blown away by an album on first listen. Amazing. I haven’t been able to stop listening since I started.


Great stuff.

An album I’m digging at the moment is Sasquatch’s new one, Maneuvers. Worth checking out.


I’ve never heard of Sasquatch. Pretty underground?


It’s their 5th album but I guess they’re pretty underground (although they shouldn’t be). To me they are a mix of Sabbath and early Soundgarden


I found a good one yesterday from 2009. Sun of the Blind. Ambient Black Metal
I think I’m going to give this quite a few listens.


Listening now. So far so good


Not traditional metal but still heavy.


I just googled youtube sasquatch without thinking about it. Didn’t find any music videos.




Yeah I opened Spotify afterwards. I usually go YouTube when I’m checking out a new band for the first time. It’s just quicker and easier.


heres a preview track for one of my bands new albums.


Don’t know if this has been mentioned. My brother just recommended it to me. I haven’t listened to the whole thing, but what I have is ■■■■■■■ out there:


Been flogging this since christmas. Another awesome debut and from NY state.
Heavy psych/Desert Rock with a bit of an Americana vibe as well.
Farkn love this record


Igorrr seems like a band you need to be in the right mindest for. Complete fucken headtrip


On high rotation for a year
Stoner/Doom/Psych from London


New song from The Contortionist impending new release ‘‘Clairvoyant’’


and new Mastodon.


Stone Sour were sensational last night :slight_smile: