Blitz Metalhead Thread


Glad to hear that you enjoyed them Koala.

Regreting that I didn’t get to see them as they’re one of my favourite current acts at the moment.


Alive Cooper was awesome Friday night!
Another great performance!






Has anyone listened to Zeal and Ardor? I love this track -


Enjoying the new Godflesh. More breakbeatish and atmospheric than the last one.


So good to have pepper keenan back in COC, can’t wait until the album


Warrel Dane (Sanctuary, Nevermore) died of a heart attack over night. RIP Warrel, always loved your voice and it’s a sad thing we won’t here it again.


Current playlist:

  1. Bloodbath - The fathomless mastery
  2. Opeth - Ghost Reveries
  3. Bloodbath - Unblessing the purity
  4. Opeth - Sorceress
  5. Opeth - Watershed
  6. Bloodbath - Breeding death
  7. Arch enemy- Will to power

Åkerfeldt is a genius. The most talented musician I have heard since Eddie Van Halen (1978-1986) or Neil Finn.


Sorceress? Yeah, nah. But I guess Opeth is pretty dead to me now. I would have called them my favourite band once.


In my opinion a masterpiece but I get where you are coming from. Their heavier work is unbelievable and the reason I call them my favourite band.


Absolutely love Opeth. Blackwater Park is probably one of the best records ever made. I don’t mind the newer, proggy stuff. Mikael has an incredible voice - both the cleans and the growls.


My mates band ‘Hammers’ new video:


2017 favs

  • Phrenelith: Desolate Endscape
  • Contaminated: Final Man
  • Necrot : Blood Offerings
  • Undergang: Misantropologi
  • Tomb Mold: Primordial Malignity
  • Gorephilia: Severed Monolith
  • Fetid: Sentient Pile Of Amorphous rot


Pretty underground stuff there. All new bands with debut albums?


Three piece, two chicks. Farken rock


Yeah besides Undergang and Gorephilia they are all new. It’s been a good year for death metal though…on the other end of the scale Incantation and Cannibal Corpse albums had some awesome moments.


They’re not overly popular with extreme metal fans nor metal fans over the age of 30 but I’m still really enjoying Avenged Sevenfold’s last album. Contains my favourite interlude/outro type things in the song Higher (starts from 4:25 is, the story behind the song also brings the feels)