Blitz Metalhead Thread


Yeah same on Spotify. Assume it’s a record label/streaming rights issue. No natural born chaos makes baby Jesus sad.

Have noticed similar with Scar Symmetry and Dark Tranquility as well I think. Could all be on the same record label.


I didn’t get the new album on Apple either


Have they already started the tour?
Would be keen depending on the set list


I think the Europe leg starts in March. The new album is out next week, so after that


Ah, so probably little hope of them playing Metal Opera in its entirety :joy:


I saw recently earache was taking albums off spotify without telling the bands and when the bands questioned them on twitter earache blocked them. Astounding behavior from a label, hopefully nuclear blast isn’t going the same route


These guys are amazing and still kids.


I gave the new Soilwork a spin today but it didn’t grab me. To be fair I was at work trying to multi task so I didn’t give it the attention it deserves, so I’ll definitely be trying it again - I love that band, so underrated, Figure Number 5, Natural Born Chaos and Stabbing the Drama are all incredible.


I didn’t realise this thread existed until now, how awesome.

One of the best metal albums I have heard recently is Black Peaks ‘All That Divides’ - incredible musicianship without being ■■■■■ and a sensational, versatile vocalist. Anybody else heard it?


Those are my three favorite soilwork albums and I love the new album. Definitely give it another go


It needs a few listens, but I really like it. However, I think the new Soen album is better. If you like Tool, you’ll probably like Soen.


Moonglow is out on all the streams


Architects announced tour dates for August.


Thread needs more Russell Allen


Any news on a 2019 Opeth album? Haven’t heard much for 6 months or so.

Åkerfeldt is a genius. His best Bloodbath.image




theyve gone a bit prog rock lately though havent they?


Opeth? They were always prog.


Not the same without Anders but still pretty solid.


there was definitely a massive change in their sound when they moved over to roadrunner records. always had progressive influences but alot more death metal and growling in their sound. they dont do that as much anymore if im right? havent heard the last few albums though