Blitz Metalhead Thread


Prog can take on many forms, certainly always considered Still Life and Blackwater Park et al to be prog records.

***Wanders off to listen to Still Life…


Blackwater Park is probably in my top 5 albums of all time. Still Life top 10. Opeth are amazing.




I think the point is they went from being prog death metal to prog rock



I thought the point was that they changed their music when they signed with Road Runner…

I’m not looking for an argument by the way. But hand picking a soft track off an album that wasn’t released through road runner in 2003 doesn’t necessarily serve that argument when compared against another track off another album that was released under Road Runner in 2008.

Evolution happens. Progressive bands by their very nature are far more likely to try different things and “progress” through different sounds as a band. They’re clearly far more experimental now than they were 15 years ago, but 15 years is a ■■■■■■■ long time so I don’t begrudge them that.


by the way, im not necessarily saying its a bad thing…


did anyone get a chance to see this mob when they were around. one of the great metal bands Melbourne has produced


@sj2150 Many, many times.

I was at the gig where that video was recorded: Bridge Mall, Ballarat.

Finest Australian metal band. Live, nothing, repeat NOTHING, touched them.

The bassist was a gentleman. The rest of them? probably the collective reasons it all folded.


I saw them quite a few times. They were good, but there was nothing like Christbait live.


Any of you heading to Download in Melb?


Played a few gigs with the back in the day.



I didn’t pick the best examples given the chronological order of things,
But as it stands their last album to use harsh vocals or anything resembling death metal was Watershed; and they’ve released 3 albums since.
This isn’t an old vs new argument (though fwiw I prefer they’re mellower songs) but merely an answer to the original question which was along the lines of “haven’t they gone prog rock recently”.



Has a very industrial vibe to it.

Not a new band, but I only found them a few days ago.
This isn’t exactly reminiscent of their other songs, but this particular one has a bit of an Opeth vibe to it.


33 years since their last album!


Have got everything this band has released. One of my favourites of all time. I heard Christbait Rising and there was no going back.


That time I met a legend of metal at the local 7/11!


Switch over to RAGE metalheads. Behemoth guy programming. Just played Motorhead, Judas Priest, King Diamond…! First up… Good fun.


Picked up a Jinjer album.
There’s a few songs that’ll get skipped semi-frequently but overall it’s growing on me