Blitz Metalhead Thread


Still dig 80’s hair metal.


Some appropriate songs for today? Probably not…


Anyone up for some “Oriental Ethno Vedic Metal” (where do they get these labels from?)

Anyone up for some "Oriental Ethno Vedic Metal" (where do they get these labels from?)

Genre aside, that was an enjoyable listen


Going to Iron Maiden tomorrow night at Rod Laver Arena.
Can’t wait!!!

Going to Iron Maiden tomorrow night at Rod Laver Arena. Can't wait!!!!!!

My 24 year old daughter is going to Iron Maiden tonight. How things change but stay the same.


Listening to Immolation “Dawn of Possession” and Incantations “Onward to Golgotha” while cooking this delicious curry recipe:


Up the mighty farking irons

I mean… I’m going tonight as well


To all who went to Iron Maiden last night…



Loved it.


They were sensational!!!
I loved it!!!


Awesome. Just awesome.

But gee, they are starting to look really old. Especially Steve Harris.

And Bruce is, without a doubt, one of the best front men out there.


That’s the first time that I’ve ever seen them live and I can’t believe that I’ve never made the effort before that, but no regrets as it was well worth the wait after all those years.

Bruce’s energy astounded me for a guy of 57yo, looked very fit (WSPHU), brilliant banter with the audience and his voice is still powerful and strong.

But the highlight for me was how crazy and passionate the Maiden fans were last night, young and old alike.

They really made the atmosphere in the joint I felt, it’s brilliant how the band and fans feed off of one another at their shows.

I’ve been to hundreds of concerts over the past 30 or so years but I’ve never felt an atmosphere like I had last night, fark me it was really something special to be a part of.

Kudos to all you diehard Maiden fans, you guys are really one of a kind.


Guzzler on tonight at Mr boogieman bar 10 pm. It will be loud, out of tune and dodgy as fark. If you value good music,probably avoid it. If not, come on down.



Just going to pick up the mood with a couple of classics from back in the day (for me)

Just going to pick up the mood with a couple of classics from back in the day (for me)

Green Machine is an awesome tune!


Still cracks me up every single time

Shocked and saddened hearing the news of nick menza's passing. For me Rust in Peace is the pinnacle of thrash metal and he was an important part the chemistry of the band. His place is in history with that album. RIP nick.

Man, I hadn’t heard this till now. Agree with all you’ve said. As I mentioned in my above post it was the first metal album I went out and bought after seeing Holy Wars film clip. Still listen to it to this day. Loved his kit set-up in that clip. Watched it endlessly.



Sitting back with a beer watching Steel Panther’s British Invasion live DVD.
Awesome band and very funny!!


Making a (predominantly) Metal Jacket for my 13yo using patches.
He chose the patches.
Had to learn how to sew.

Front is almost complete…

The back is still a work in progress…