Blitz Player Sponsorships 2021 - seeking interest!

greetings all!

I’m seeking interest from people in sponsoring players for 2021. The price is $895 per player.

Therefore it would be 18 Blitzers each contributing $50 to raise the funds for one sponsorship. 36 Blitzers for two players, 54 Blitzers for three players, 72 Blitzers for four players etc.

What do you get personally for the money you contribute? well, truthfully not a lot! The money doesn’t actually go to the players of course, or it would cause all sorts of issues with salary cap etc – it’s a donation to the club. We’ll receive an invitation for two people per player to attend the Player Sponsor Cocktail Party, a signed jumper per player, two sponsor cards per player, two sponsor lanyards per player and two sponsor pins per player. This year these were allocated among those who put their hands up.

But the main thing is, you get the warm fuzzy feeling that you’re helping players feel adored and appreciated (awwww! :heart:)

In 2020, we sponsored Anthony Mcdonald Tipungwuti, Irving Mosquito and Brandon Zerk-Thatcher.

If we’d like to continue sponsoring these players, I need to let the club know by the end of next week, as there are limited numbers of sponsors per player.

Therefore, if you’re keen to take part, please reply below by Wednesday 16 December.

Please also indicate whether:

  • you’re happy to sponsor Walla Mozzie and Thatch again
  • you’re happy to sponsor one or two of those players, plus one or two different ones
  • or would prefer to go with all different players

I will confirm participation again in the new year (I know sometimes circumstances can change over a few months!). This thread is mainly to ensure we can keep the same players if that’s what people would like to do.


Walla , Mozzie, Thatch

I think it is nice to stick with the players and see them thru their career

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Why do you hate Big Sammy Draper so much?


He has good people sponsoring him, best to keep him away from Blitz.


2 METER PETER and I’m in!


I would suggest keep Mozzie and Thatch and sponsor a new player. Tippa would have plenty of sponsorship coverage now :wink:


In again thanks K. Maybe Hind and a couple of the new draftees, if enough participants.

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Happy to go again.

No strong thoughts either way on who we get to sponsor.

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In again for sure, as I was for this year.

Would love to support one of the lesser-known kids on top of Mozzie and Zerk. Maybe someone like Ned Cahill, Nick Bryan or Lachie Johnson?

Or what about Tom Hird?

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Count me in!

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Yep we will go again times 2 please k

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Yep in again thanks

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In x2 again thanks Koala

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1 or 2 whatever works for you. Thanks K.

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In again thanks Koala.
Happy with whoever you/Blitz chooses.

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in again x 2. would be good to have a new one

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firstly, thanks :koala: for doing this again. you’re a :trophy:

I’m in.

As you know I am keen that we at least sponsor someone who has been at the club a bit but has never had a sponsor. I think to get a sponsor would be a boost for them.

If we do that then of the three I’d pick the two with the least sponsors.

so yes, I’m a supporter of un-popular (and no, I don’t need a Freudian analysis thank you very much).


Keep Mosquito and Thatcher and add a new player like Eyre (if drafted)

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Im in again,thanks for organizing this.

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I’m in!

Thank you Koala for managing this again, great work.
I echo a previous post, let’s sponsor a player who doesn’t have a sponsor.

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