Blitz Watch Along Week 1 (vs Sydney Round 19 2001. 8.30pm tonight) - link in first post

where’s the fkn team?

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1985 gets a cluster of votes and is now just 1 behind 2007

‘85 has now drawn level!


And now leads the vote in what looks like a 3 horse race

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Would i be right in thinking Joe’s dad run around for the swans that game?

It’s real tight.

Really thought 98 would have more votes. Bit of a hidden gem.

Was a really coming out party for Scotty Lucas that game.

Anything relating to The Big Fish from the mid-80s is always going to get my vote!


A top idea for the coming weeks in lieu of a real season. Great work by all those involved.

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2007 out to a 2 vote lead on 85. 98 still hanging around a further vote back

Can’t we watch the one where Rohan killed us on the siren? That way we can all argue.

Na, thats not going down.


1999 Elimination Final plz

Awesome idea guys, looking forward to what could only be a completely different game day thread experience.

I assume there will not be breaks in the video chosen – I suggest there be imposed 5 minute orange breaks at the ends of quarters. Lets a few more comments be posted (and read!), and anyone going out of sync can get back with the pack.


I would like to propose a rule that only Essendon wins should be shown. I have zero interest in watching a loss or even a draw.


I want to convince everyone some old game is a win then watch the explosion when we lose on the siren.

AFL never gave us this many Friday night games.


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Pwoah huge push from 2001 overnight.

Clear leader now.

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