Blitz Watch Along - Week 2 vs Fark Carlton (Round 18 1998 Tonight 8PM) Link in OP

We go back into the blitz time machine next Friday (3/4) at 8 (earlier start time to allow for longer breaks) for a match against ■■■■ Carlton.

Polls close 5.30pm Friday

  • Round 17 1986
  • Round 2 1993
  • Round 18 1998
  • Round 3 2008
  • Round 4 2012
  • Round 23 2016

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Some tips for those who didn’t join us last week.

  • Post as if you were watching live
  • No spoilers
  • Start your streams at 8pm sharp
  • Pause your streams at the end of each qtr
  • Breaks 10 mins
  • watch for @Davo s post for a time stamp and resume
  • Have some fun

@theDJR do your pin thing

Try not to google result of the game. Do your vote on memory only. Much more fun that way.

I picked 1993, because there will be repeated pointing and laughing at Fark Carlton I thought it was the 1994 game. As that one is not an option, here’s the final score:

Essendon 9.9.63
Fark Carlton 7.20.62

Take out Gleeson and Fark Carlton scored 3.19!!!

picked 1998, because you can also lol at Carlton, but more specifically 1 player.

unlucky to miss the list;

I will watch this again anyway, because Fark Carlton.


2013 after finals were cancelled would be my choice

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The ‘98 game is the pick of the list.

No spoilers :smiley:

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Reckon this will be the closest poll we’ll have

I did think about putting that in.

But i do want to avoid one we’ve watched alot and well its hard to avoid spoilers on a GF.

Ha, yeah very true.

Next week might be hard for GWS. Cant even find last years in full.

Dont stress yall I got a back up plan.

There has been some rippers against FC. There was 2 in i think 2013? That i was disappointed weren’t up in full

That 2016 game is the most enjoyable afternoon I’ve had at a game of football, and I don’t think it will ever be surpassed.


With the exception of the 1986 option i attended each of these games live.

Vote Rnd 23 2016

We only won 3 games, this was win # 3 & the best!


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98 and 2016 fast out of the blocks

The 93 one was one of the first few games i attended