Blitz Watch Along - Week 6 vs Melbourne Round 2 2013 Tonight @ 8

Next up we have the Dees.

You all know the drill by now.

  • 1992 Reserves GF
  • Round 9 2000
  • Round 2 2013

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@Lifetime_ban has uploaded 2016. I can’t edit the poll so if you want 2016 comment 2016 and I’ll track it manually.

A reminder

  • Start playing at 8pm sharp
  • Post and react as if you are watching live
  • No jumping ahead with spoilers
  • Pause at the end of each qtr
  • @theDJR to provide time stamp and resume times
  • Have fun.

1992 for me

TDs last game


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Pull their pants down!

I feel this vote might be a landslide

Geez, there’s really not many memorable games against Melbourne is there.

I just have so many painful memories of losing to them.

What about the 2004 elimination final?

2007- was a thriller, that goes down to the wire

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2013, i heard that this kid called parish goes alright.

Year after year I find this fixture to be one of the least inspiring on the calendar. I suppose there is little that is controversial about them. I think their colours and jumper are drab and boring. Their song makes me laugh because it’s taken from a ditty about the American flag.

I suppose they were the perfect opponent in the 2000 GF because of the generally forgettable nature of whomever our sacrificial lamb would be that day.

They are an anonymous football club… that’s probably the most emotional thing I have to say about them.

I suppose the lack of memorable games in this thread may be an indication of that.


they’ve always felt like a generally drab club.

They also lost a tonne of points in my books when a group of their players came in to a joint i was running along Southbank and in their intoxicated state decided to started antagonizing people walking by saying ■■■■ like

“go back to your own country”

“Show us your ■■■■, we play footy”

Garb along those lines.

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What about 2016?


How long ago was that?

A game not mentioned in this list was one in early 1995, we won but the main thing of that game was that Longy kicked a running goal maybe not quite the same as the one from the ‘93 GF, but given he had only just come back from the ACL injury that saw him miss all of 1994, it was great to see. Also a massive brawl in that game given the treatment Longy got, from Todd Viney I think. If there was full game footage of the amazing comeback against the Dees in 1992 (pretty sure it was Anzac Day?), that would’ve got a run.


Not available in full

Looked for both and not available.

Alot more losses than wins. Theres a tonne of Melbourne channels that have uploaded the steam pile of excrement we normally deliver against this basket case

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Shatttered 2016 isn’t there.

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Watched everyweek so I’ve signed up to vote and react.


Would have my vote if it was

Welcome sir

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This stuff has genuinely given me something to look forward to every friday in lockdown.

Thank you to everyrun running it