Blitz Watch Along - Week 7 vs Geeeeeeeeeeelong - Round 15, 2011 @ 8pm tonight

You all know when and where and what to do.

  • 1989 QF
  • Round 15 2011
  • Round 8 2017

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Love 2011 and 2017 but i have never seen 89 so it gets my vote

I wanna see Daisy Williams before they killed him: 1989.

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Wow have we really been doing this for 7 weeks?

Maths is not your strong suit.

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easy vote this one.

This could be good. I had a habit of going overseas at this time of year because it’s cold and we sucked big time. Stopped with my scooter at a point on the east of Bali and had a chat to a bloke who recognised my Melbournian accent. I hadn’t seen any footy but the look on this Geelongian bloke’s face suggested I should check out the replay.

Went for '89, because l was there to see it live.


I’ll never vote for any game from 1989 or 1990. We were so tinny in those years. I’ve gone for 2011


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2011 was epic.

It was. Wont object at all if it won the vote. My strategy has always been to vote for a game i haven’t seen or don’t remember well.

3 vote lead for 89 in the early going

It’s funny, (spoiler) I was sitting at the top of the old northern stand, and my memory of the day is entirely Gary O’Donnell winning the first clearance and me thinking “we’re on”. I wonder if that’s even vaguely accurate now.

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So far the time machine has clocked up 148 years of travel.

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The 89 QF is my favourite match to watch. Have seen it at least once a year since I can remember.
If it’s voted in, (not sure if spoiler worthy) watch Michael Long and how damaging he is, then take a look at his stats.

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Sadly this might be the last time the margin matches the travel.


If you go for 89, you get to watch The Angry Ant, Antrobus.
Sadly, and relatedly, you’ll also see why I roll my eyes whenever a Blitzer suggests that we need cult figures who just “show some mongrel “, regardless of their other football qualities.


Very handy little lead for 89

I just don’t understand why anyone wants to watch a thrashing (unless it’s of FC, of course). In those games, yes, we play well. But also, the opposition plays badly. Terribly. I watched about 15 minutes of the selected Melbourne game on Friday. It was a ■■■■ fest. We played better than them from about quarter time onwards, but Melbourne remained total ■■■■.

What’s the point?

I want to see us play well, not just play better than a hopeless opposition.