Blitz Watch Alongs - A Look Back

So with live footy back next week its time for the time machine to head back into @theDJR s storage shed.

But let’s have a look back at a few little tidbits from our trips to the past.

Total years travelled: 246 (492 if you want to be technical and count the return trips)

Longest Trip: 1965

ShortestTrip: 2016

Wins: 10

Losses: 1

Most Voted on Week: Week 2 vs FC with 83 Votes.

Biggest Win: 2013’s 148 point win over Melbourne

Smallest Win: 2001’s 2 Point win over the Bin Chickens

Only Loss so therefore biggest and smallest loss: 1991’s 7 point loss to the Eagles

Highest Score: 2013 Melbourne again with 28.16.184

Biggest Bag: 1995 Salmons 8 in a win over the crows

Most appearances by a single player: Mark Mecuri (5)

Venues: MCG x7, Waverley x1, Optus Oval x1, Windy Hill x1, Docklands x1

My personal top 3
1965 GF
98 Fark Carlton
91 WCE

I would say that at least 6 of the games i had never watched before. We had such a variety of games a GF, a preseason flag, thrashings, close ones. But 65 was by far my favourite such a unique experience watching that game. @Captain_Jack was spot on in saying that game should be mandatory watching

Thanks again to @Allblack for the awesome idea.
Thanks to all that voted and watched along.


Oh yeah and thanks to time lord @theDJR

Said it many times in the threads but its the little things id forgotten about the games i had seen that was also very fun.

Especially Kouta getting reported in 98, Goodes ■■■■■■■ up twice in last 5 mins in 01 and Watts getting subbed in 13

What’s the story behind the loss, who was that choosen?

Watch it, if you want pride in your club.

l continue to look forward to the day someone finally finds a complete copy of the 1962 grand final win. My only memory of that game is my neighbour and Essendon vice captain, Geoff Leek, walking off in the last quarter, and retiring. Not a bad way to call curtains on a footy career, a flag on the biggest stage, and in the biggest game.

RIP Gentleman Geoff, the gentle giant.


@theDJR put in one hell of a sales pitch for it.

We lost but ■■■■■■■ hell did we show some balls. Ended up with only 15 or 16 fit guys. He two blokes who couldn’t run plonked in the forward line. 5 goals down at qtr time and still nearly rolled them.

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And still, if Blitz was around back then, the game review thread would have been full of people complaining about a culture of mediocrity


Damn, I missed Adelaide 95? I loved that game

Was early days but yes you did.