Blitzcast tonight 10:30


links inside

Will we have the dulcet tones of Dingus?

Just play the Dank interview.


It is fucken gold.

Thanks, sad ending though. Get better Ben.

What happened? Why did it finish early? :(

What was sad about the ending?

Great listen. Brought up a lot of points you wish the journo's would think about.

First listen, really enjoyed thank you!

Perhaps sad wasn't the right choice of words, it just seemed that the whole saga has been overwhelming and everyone is tired (rather than sad) about how long it's dragged on for.

fair enough, i freaked out a little then like id ended saying something morbid

If I may add, I was disappointed to hear nothing on the Velvet Sledgehammer. 

I was thinking somehow Ben was the subject of a pharmalogical experement  and was on his deathbed with that statement.

strongest of podcast titles