Blitzcast Tonight - 20/02/14

Will update the OT with the YouTube stream when it starts.

What time do you start?

9ish Qld / 10ish Vic

Little's address is up

FAP FAP FAP booted

link fellas?


Are you guys gonna post a replay anywhere?



Edit OK Worked out that the youtube starts about 3 mins in and conversation starts at 6.30. Cheers 

Saw Riolio after the game - in the cage - no, not fighting.

Good cast! Cheers guys. Hopefully you can sneak another in before Rnd 1.

Blitzcast returns tonight 9.30pm QLD / 10.30pm VIC


Discussing the Gold Coast game, that moron Clarkson and things.

If you're going to be talking about Clarkson I hope you're AFL Accredited Podcasters.

Do you have a link for tonight's podcast?

Lets do thissssss

I think they have decided to go to bed instead.

Nah…they are just finishing up their interview with Demetriou

No stream, just a podcast for download.

:blink: :huh:

Riolio forgot to charge his iPad.

Where's the stream

I just got home ( to listen) this is a sad day in podcasting