Yep, dust off the microphones.
PM benfti.
Get some special guests (ie. a DJR VFL report).

Tomorrow night before the game will do fine.


I pretend I listen to them.


could you organise Stephen Dank as a special guest?
Didnt someone know his mum.


I just want Leroy as a guest.




None as ordinary as ours though


I think what you meant to say was, “None pitched as appropriately to its audience as ours though”.


You’re severely underrating yourselves. It’s easily one of the best and funniest. Perfectly catered to your audience. We appreciate the humour.


what many in this thread are saying is.

‘its ■■■■ but its our ■■■■’


Like blitz in-jokes?!?

Or laughing at hot topic threads.

Pure gold.


I also heard a rumour that Blitzcast was the very reason Tippa got drafted?


There is no debate there


Would’ve been drafted years earlier if they listened.


Hours were spent talking about how unbeleivable Tippa would be in our team.

Until Cal Twomey and Emma Quayle came on to dampen the party!


never trust a journalist.


Good Show. Great to have you back.


Great stuff guys, thanks.


WOAH! Stealthcast! Thanks again for another show!


I’ve been racking my brain about what is happening with the club’s performance the last 2 weeks.

I think it’s fair to say that Blitzcast fired the team up in round 1…

Hah? Hah?


Remember the live chat room during the broadcast:


you have been booted for inappropriate language