Bloos v Dons review

Anyone you want so that;
If they replaced perkins they kick the goal
If they replaced TMP they take a mark
If they replaced McGrath they hit a handball to a player who isnt in a worse position than he is
If they replace setterfield they tackle
If they replace tsatas they kick more than 40 metres ffs.

As l have always said about Fevola, once a boofhead, always a boofhead. What a clueless klutz.


We won the games we should have and pinched a couple along the way. but, many other sides have thrown games and allowed us to slip into the top four.

But isn’t that a sign of a good side? Win what we should and win the 50/50s?

This years ladder isn’t as cut and dry as past seasons. 9th-15th could beat any side on their day, in the same breathe I think there are a few teams currently in the 8 that may not be there come seasons end. Freo? Geelong? Even us!

Sydney lost to Tigers! Such an even year. If we make the finals and win one we have come a long way. Reset after the bye, take our chances and we win more than we lose over next 8 weeks.

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This is the annoying thing, if we had been kicking ok all night he has a shot for goal. Being that everyone was kicking behinds, Perkins just didn’t want to add his name to the list of missed shots.


You can clearly see every ones confidence in front of goals go down for the remainder of the match.

I wont say its Menzies fault missing so early so easily but I and I’m sure other supporters get that strange eerie feeling when they miss a goal like that early. The other players wont admit it but subconsciously they feel it as well.

Kick the easy goal, reset at the center bounce confident and positive, but instead its the opposite. Complete dump of emotions and then worry about the rebound and back to defensive mode with no reward.

The opposition would feel the opposite. They would be thinking if Ess gonna miss easy goals like this then lets just go for it with confidence, Ess already showed their hand.


Big difference in lining up for goal between “I hope I dont miss” and “Heres another easy one”.

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I don’t think this is the case at all.
He never has a problem in shooting for goal when in range.

The problem arose when Goldy had a few metres on TDK and calling for the ball, which then took Archie’s focus off steadying and having a shot.
The indecision resulted in him taking too long to pass.

He had to commit to the pass very early (and we don’t know how early he saw Goldy), or just focus on taking 1 bounce, steady and shoot from 35m.


Imagine trying to predict the rest of the year after we beat the Blues last year.

For anyone feeling a bit down in the dumps. It might only be words, but I’m still quite optimistic on where we are at and how we will fare the final 10 games of the season. Still scope for improvement, but the method of how we are playing is far superior to other seasons. I don’t think we will die in the arse like last year.


We may not concede the same sorts of scores, but that doesn’t necessarily equate to wins instead of losses.

We need our best personnel on the park for the remainder of the year and the need a huge off-season from the list team and footy department.

I don’t think many predicted Blues prelim finalists after our win against them last year.

we are only a draw ahead of where we were last year with worse % at this stage. But I think we are better placed. With a few guys coming back after the bye.


The pass was there but took 2/3 secs too long to release the kick, then kicked it not to Goldy’s advantage’s
And Gresham was there, free as well

Perkins had 2 correct options; kick early to advantage to either player
Keep possession, bounce the ball and calmly kick the goal.

He picked option 3 the incorrect decision; wait for the receiver to run out of real estate and kick it so DeK easily spoiled
And Perkins dropped a sitter alla Rozzee earlier n the quarter
And he missed a sitter in the first minute.


I thought he should’ve just put it to the space out in front of Gresh, would’ve been a pretty easy mark and goal. Instead it went over Gresh’ head and he got clobbered by TDK, probably lucky not to get injured tbh

A quick kick to space was all that was needed.

I watch a lot of footy over the season and the players that think and act quickly and execute correctly are worth twice other players.

Players such as Perkins and Martin make way to many ‘basic’ errors. They’re still developing/learning so we need to cut them some slack. (Except both those players missed easy very easy set shot goals from 30 out on Sunday, which does not belong in the quick thinking decision making category. That’s just confidence/execution. Merrett, Menzie, Cox also missed very gettable set shots).

Many players from all clubs make basic 101 ‘brain freeze’ errors. Making good decisions under pressure is the exception not the rule in AFL.

40-45 metres out is not a sitter.
I expect a set shot Archie’s quality to kick those at more than 50%, but players miss those sometimes.

Martin’s miss in the 3rd was also around that 40m mark rather than the 30 you mentioned above.

Now Menzie’s miss, that has to be converted.


You’re new here aren’t you?

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I watched Giansiracusa’s after-game video today.

At one point he was asked about responding to high pressure from the opposition, and his answer was that the players have to absorb it.

I hate that answer. It’s 100% wrong. “Absorbing” pressure means we take the pressure they apply and we absorb it. That is exactly what we should NOT do. We should not take the pressure. We should fight pressure by applying greater pressure to them. Absorb it and they’ll just keep doing it. So fight it and make them absorb it from us.

Absorbing is passive. The proper response to pressure is action, not acceptance.


Perkins missed with the first shot on goal in the match, about 20 seconds into the game.


Have run the rule over the first half again. on another night we could have ended up with a 2 goal half time lead instead of a 33 point deficit. At the very least we should have been level, maybe a goal down.

We’re probably worth at least 1 extra goal in the third too… A 5 goal 3/4 time lead instead of a 15 point deficit. .

All academic of course but hmmmmmm